Project: Laser surface texturing of coated cold forming dies to enhance the lubrication efficiency and wear life

The specific goal of LASTECO project is to use laser surface texturing (LST) technologies in coupling with thin hard physical vapour deposited coatings, to produce a very efficient tribological surface to be used for dies and tools applications. These are high added value components and the produced LS textured surface may potentially have so advanced properties to justify increased costs due to LST (e.g. making LST by means of laser sources operating in ultrashort pulse regime industrially competitive to such applications). Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to note that dies and tools sectors include small components (e.g. cutting tools, pins or dies inserts) and large components (e.g. complete dies profiles). For the former application ultrashort laser sources able to realize complex, high precision and un unaltered textures may actually be appealing, whereas for the latter ones the specific productivity requests may be better satisfied by using high productive fiber laser sources operating with ns pulses. The LASTECO technology applied on cold forming dies will mainly allow to reduce wear, downtime of production line and need for lubrication.

Duration 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2013
Project Topic Other technologies/products related to the manufacturing field
Call MANUNET Call 2011

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 DILVIO DE MARCO Coordinator Italy
2 TROMESA Partner Spain
3 OERLIKON Partner Spain