Project: Intelligent Robotic Laser Welding and Hardening Cell

INTERWELD aims at the development of an innovative integrated methodology for optimal multiobjective task planning and performance of robotic laser hardening/welding workcells. Current practice involves the manual definition of some reference welding /hardening points and the subsequent moving of the robot using a joystick to each point so as to determine the exact planar point. In this project a hierarchical methodology will be developed integrated with advanced 3D vision techniques for optimal trajectory planning, towards the automatic path programming of robots undertaking various laser applications in the metal industry, such as welding of large steel components and laser hardening in stamping moulds. The main potential benefits of this proposal will be increased quality, shorter production times and lower costs.

Duration 01/11/2011 - 30/10/2013
Project Topic Adaptive manufacturing technologies: processes for removing, joining, adding, forming, consolidating, assembling
Call MANUNET Call 2011

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 OKTO SA Coordinator Greece
2 GNC LASER Partner Spain