Project: Flexible solution for the integration of the laser hardening process into automotive valves and friction components

Steel world market reached 1000 million tones in 2004 and kept growing since. In those parts, hardening becomes a key element to ensure the right performance. The present project tackles two particular applications: valves, being one of the most important components of an automotive engine, and mould and dies, in Spain alone has an annual production of 827 M€[1], for a total of 40 000M€ worldwide . All engines require air and fuel for combustion inside their closed combustion chambers; after combustion, those used gases must depart to make room for more air and fuel. The project objective is double, the first, to study the technical and economical feasibility of the laser surface hardening of valves parts (tips, grooves and seat of the valve) and automotive components subjected to friction, and the second, to design and development of a prototype module of laser surface hardening that could be integrated along with other machining operations (turning, grinding, …) of the automotive parts cited above and mould and die. In some cases it will not be possible to match different operations, mainly if some processes require coolant fluids.

Duration 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2013
Project Topic Adaptive manufacturing technologies: processes for removing, joining, adding, forming, consolidating, assembling
Call MANUNET Call 2011

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 OSVAT srl Coordinator Italy
2 Kondia SA Partner Spain