Project: Advancing innovations in molten salt

Acronym ADVIAMOS (Reference Number: ID11)
Duration 01/03/2023 - 28/02/2026
Project Topic Using molten salt as both heat storage and heat transfer medium in CSP plants offers the potential of higher operation temperatures in the solar field, but brings along technical challenges. The ADVIAMOS consortium focuses on molten salt-specific aspects in the operation of parabolic trough and central receiver systems, aiming in improved O&M procedures and thus, reduced costs. The partners follow a multiscale approach, from aspects on materials and components up to system level. BrightSource and Solarlite, two world leaders in commercial CSP systems, bring in their experience in the development, installation and operation of solar tower and parabolic trough CSP plants, respectively. Whereas BrightSource will provide special coating samples used in Power Towers subcontracted by DLR. Together with Ductolux, who cover the process control scope, and Steinmueller Engineering, who bring in their know-how on customized steam generation systems, the consortium’s expertise covers over all aspects of the industrial operation of CSP with molten salt. The industrial partners join forces with two universities, the University of Extremadura and the University Complutense de Madrid, and a large R&D institution, DLR, with complementary know-how on molten salt-specific fundamentals and technologies. Jointly with the University of Évora, DLR manages and operates the Évora Molten Salt Platform (EMSP). This unique constellation allows the project partners to jointly tackle crucial aspects in the operation of molten salt-based CSP systems, from material aspects such as salt degradation and corrosion to system-level aspects such as enhanced process control and automation. Even though the architecture of parabolic trough and solar tower systems is inherently different, many of these operational issues are very similar. The overall project aim is to resolve main bottlenecks in molten salt-based CSP systems, in order to reduce the operation and maintenance costs in both solar tower and parabolic trough systems.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The gain in know-how obtained from the project will result in a technological advance for the CSP sector and therefore the generation of more efficient types of CSP plants, complying with the strategies in place to overcome the challenges outlined in the SET Plan by the European Commission.
Call 2nd CSP Joint Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 DLR - German Aerospace Center - Institut of Solar Research Coordinator Germany
2 Steinmüller Engineering GmbH Partner Germany
3 Universidad de Extremadura Partner Spain
4 Universidad Complutense de Madrid Partner Spain
5 Ductolux, S.L. Partner Spain
6 Solarlite CSP Technology GmbH Partner Germany
7 University of Évora Partner Portugal