Project: INNOvative SOLar micro-TES with high-POWER density

Acronym InnoSolPower (Reference Number: ID12)
Duration 15/01/2021 - 14/01/2024
Project Topic The project aims to demonstrate a novel concept of an efficient, low-cost, low temperature, high energy density micro-thermal energy storage (µTES) dedicated to concentrated solar power (CSP) systems. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop and test an efficient TES with a higher than ambient heat pump (HP) heat transfer fluid (HTF) inlet temperature achieved with a solar CSP. The new TES will achieve a large TES storage density, minimum response time, highest roundtrip efficiency and cost viability. The objectives of the project will be realised through the following steps: 1) Selection of high-power density TES material. Proposed HTF is a state of the art, environmentally friendly refrigerant. Water is used as reference TES phase change material (PCM). Final solution is a high-power density TES with an optimised HTF and heat exchanger architecture. Concentrated Solar Power InnoSolPower - ID: 12 3 of 40 2) Testing of main subsystems and components. A novel, efficient rotary arc vane compressor for HP is introduced. 3) Integration of the µTES with a kW-scale CSP plant, incorporating a heat pump (HP) and a discharge heat exchanger (HX) that is present at an ORC (not included in the project) input. 4) InnoSolPower prototype will operate in a relevant environment. 5) Detailed cost reduction analysis and impact analysis in LCOE. The project starts from a laboratory (TRL 4) level and the consortium brings the product development to TRL 6 or higher. This costcompetitive thermal energy storage product with superior thermal performance and smaller space requirements is expected to capture a significant market
Project Results
(after finalisation)
InnoSolPower system TES will be easily coupled to a micro-CSP plant, • Generation of electricity and heat during morning and, • Generation of electricity and heat at evening hours, during times of low solar insolation, • Initial capacity factor of near 30%. CSP + TES, • Nominal thermal power rating of 10 kW and 6 hours of thermal energy storage, • Contribution to achieve an aggressive LCOE of 6¢/kWh for CSP plants.
Call 1st CSP Joint Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Pars Makina Ltd. Coordinator Türkiye
2 Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Partner Greece
3 Middle East Technical University Partner Türkiye
4 University of Pisa Partner Italy