Project: Development and in vivo validation of a novel triggered release antibiofilm coating for orthopaedic implants and vascular grafts.

Acronym TRA-COAT (Reference Number: JPIAMR2022-093)
Duration 01/06/2023 - 31/05/2026
Project Topic Implant-related infections are typically caused by biofilms, which increase the tolerance to antimicrobials and increase the risk for treatment failure. The TRA-COAT project aims to reduce the incidence of implant infections by developing a novel, resistance-proof antimicrobial coating with innovative functionalities, including biofilm preventing activity and triggered localized release of classic antimicrobials. The focus will be on trauma implants and vascular grafts, with potential translation to many other implants. The coating will consist of a polydopamine layer in combination with a covalently bonded 2-aminoimidazole-based biofilm inhibitor and a reversibly bonded classic antimicrobial. The action of the inhibitor will reduce the biofilm matrix production which would otherwise prevent the immune system to clear the microorganisms. If biofilm should still remain, growth of the bacteria on the surface of the implant will locally decrease the pH and trigger the release of the antimicrobial, killing the pathogens. The coating is designed to provide a resistance-proof alternative for systemic antibiotic treatment: (i) the biofilm inhibitors are intrinsically robust to resistance evolution due to their ‘public good’ targeting character. (ii) Due to the biofilm inhibition, the classic antimicrobial will be more effective, as such reducing the risk for resistance development against this antimicrobial. (iii) Limiting the use of antimicrobial to local on-demand release further reduces the risk of resistance development and off target effects e.g. on the host microbiome.
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Call 2nd JPIAMR-ACTION Joint Call 2022

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Coordinator Belgium
2 AO research institute Partner Switzerland
3 Charité – Universitaetsmedizin Berlin Partner Germany