Project: Age Specific Wellbeing - and Transfer Accounts: Evaluating Intergenerational Support

Acronym AgeWellAccounts
Duration 01/03/2017 - 29/02/2020
Project Topic It is of utmost importance for societies to understand how intergenerational support can be adapted to ageing populations while ensuring that support is provided at life stages when it is needed most. The AgeWellAccounts project aims at the provision of data and methods to evaluate institutions of intergenerational support across European countries. In the first step, a National Wellbeing and Transfer Account (NWTA) is built up by combining age-specific information on important dimensions of wellbeing with National Transfer Accounts. The combined dataset contains comprehensive age-specific information on the economic situation of people, the way they are spending their time, their health and their subjective wellbeing together with information on the organization of transfers between generations. In the second step, based on the NWTA as well as on micro-data and experiments, a detailed analysis how the different dimensions of wellbeing change over the life course is carried out. This analysis identifies the main determinants of wellbeing at each stage of life and explores the relation between wellbeing and intergenerational support. The project is structured into three work packages that capture the following dimensions of wellbeing: (1) the economic situation, (2) the use of time, (3) health, happiness and subjective life satisfaction.
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Network JPI MYBL
Call 2nd Call: Welfare, Wellbeing and Demographic Change: Understanding Welfare Models

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Austrian Academy of Sciences Coordinator Austria
2 Paris School of Economics Partner France
3 Sapienza University of Rome Partner Italy