IraSME (former EraSME)

International research activities by SMEs

Basic Information


IraSME is a network of ministries and funding agencies which are owners or managers of national and regional funding programmes for cooperative research projects between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and in participation of research and technology organisations (RTOs). Against the background of growing competition in global markets, IraSME supports SMEs in their transnational innovation activities, helps them to acquire technological know-how, extend their networks and bridge the gap between research and innovation.

Twice a year IraSME issues calls for proposals for transnational cooperative research projects between SMEs and RTOs with the objective to develop innovative products, processes or technical services. The calls follow a bottom-up approach, i.e. research topics are not pre-defined and can be decided by applicants themselves. Funding is made available through national and regional programmes. IraSME enables consortia of SMEs and RTOs (not mandatory) from at least two participating countries to work together in transnational projects.

Main research priorities of the network

No defined research priorities - all areas of technology are covered

Research fields covered by the network

  • No specific thematic focus

Target Groups

  • Private and Semi-private Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs)
  • SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
21st Call for Proposals one-stage 01/11/2017   28/03/2018  
20th Call for Proposals (2017) one-stage 01/05/2017   27/09/2017  
19th Call for Proposals (2017) one-stage 25/11/2016   29/03/2017  
18th Call for Proposals (2016) one-stage 01/05/2016   28/09/2016  
17th Call for Proposals (2016) one-stage 08/12/2015   30/03/2016  
16th Call for Proposals (2015) one-stage 01/05/2015   30/09/2015  
15th Call for Proposals (2014) one-stage 12/05/2014   26/09/2014

Submitted: 7


Funded: 2

14th Call for Proposals (2014) one-stage 02/02/2014   28/03/2014

Submitted: 18


Funded: 4

13th Call for Proposals (2013) one-stage 10/06/2013   27/09/2013

Submitted: 32


Funded: 13

12th Call for Proposals (2013) one-stage 01/11/2012   28/03/2013

Submitted: 9


Successful: 3

Funded: 3

11th Call for Proposals (2012) one-stage 01/05/2012   28/09/2012

Submitted: 8


Funded: 3

10th Call for Proposals (2012) one-stage 01/11/2011   30/03/2012

Submitted: 12


Successful: 3

Funded: 3

9th Call for Proposals (2011) one-stage 15/04/2011   30/09/2011

Submitted: 13


Funded: 2