Project: Releasing the potential of ICT for sustainable milk and beef cattle value chains

Acronym SustainIT (Reference Number: 862681)
Duration 20/12/2020 - 31/12/2021
Project Topic The project SustainIT aims to identify institutional, economic and social barriers of widespread adoption of ICT in relation to animal health and welfare, develop conceptual business models and provide recommendations for governance of innovation ecosystems to release the full potential of ICT in dairy and beef value chains. The project uses a Living Lab approach to co-design the study frameworks, identify barriers and develop conceptual solutions for adoption of animal health and welfare related ICT solutions. Living Labs will be established in each partner country that integrate research and innovation processes involving multiple actors. Through the Living Lab process, multiple actors are able to learn, observe and understand adoptions, challenges and user behaviour patterns that will lead to the more widespread adoption of ICT. SustainIT Living Labs will include ICT developers, technology providers, veterinarians, farmers, processing industry, retailers, consumers, policy makers, researchers, and innovation brokers. The Living labs will specifically address issues related animal health and welfare related data and application of ICT, consumer and societal demands, business model innovations focusing integration of ICT in enterprise management, and public sector involvement in governance of ICT innovation ecosystem. The findings from the research will lead to the development of an integrated ICT solutions and business models in animal health and welfare considering and reflecting the interest and needs of technology developers, data users, enterprises, consumers and policy makers. It also creates future essential networking and collaboration approaches among different disciplines and stakeholder groups. Different academic, private and public venues will be used to disseminate the experiences from Living Lab processes and key research outcomes from the different work packages. The project involves five partners from Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Germany.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
Development of ICT innovation ecosystem – in each partner country there will be an operating Living Lab that focuses on issues of adoption of animal health and welfare related ICT in dairy and beef value chains. Increased awareness among the dairy and beef value chain actors about animal health and welfare data and ICT solutions for collection of respective reliable data. Barriers for adopting ICT in relation to animal health and welfare, as well as proposals how to overcome the barriers are identified and communicated to value chain actors, ICT developers and policy makers. Improved knowledge on how animal health and welfare related ICT is utilised in current business models in dairy and beef value chains. New conceptual business models based on value stream mapping are developed that utilise the potential of animal health and welfare related ICT for value generation and value capture. Recommendations are made for governance of ICT innovation ecosystems that improve the availability and use of ICT and animal health and welfare related data. Relevance of novel EU-wide actions of Digital Europe Programme and European Data Strategy is assessed. The recommendations are communicated to policy makers in partner countries.
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Call 1st ICT-AGRI-FOOD Joint Cofund Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Estonian University of Life Sciences Coordinator Estonia
2 University of Oulu Partner Finland
3 Halmstad University Partner Sweden
4 Estonian Dairy Cluster Partner Estonia
5 Technical University of Munich Partner Germany