Project: An ICT-based real-time advisory tool to minimise tail biting in fattening pigs

Acronym TailBiteAdvice (Reference Number: 862682)
Duration 01/02/2021 - 01/03/2024
Project Topic Tail biting is a major welfare, economical and ethical challenge within the production of pigs. This project aims to research, develop and demonstrate an on-farm advisory tool for assisting the farmer in the reduction of tail biting by combining multiple remote detection algorithms for both tail biting and several adjustment parameters including enrichment engagement, aggression, feeding and drinking behaviour, and climate. Further, the project aims to identify and discuss opportunities and barriers to the implementation of this in combination with previously developed abattoir tool (TailCam® developed by Danish Technological Institute) for automatic detection of tail lesions and tail length by including multiple actors across nationalities. Combined, the two tools will create a data driven ICT-based approach to provide the farmer and other stakeholders with knowledge on how to prevent tail biting and as a result, lower the need for tail docking.
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Call 1st ICT-AGRI-FOOD Joint Cofund Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 KU Leuven Coordinator Belgium
2 Aarhus University Partner Denmark
3 Teagasc Partner Ireland