Health emergency national regional programmes for an improved coordination in pre-hospital setting

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All EU member states face and provide answers to life-threatening emergencies. In the medical field, it includes a wide range of situations from cardiac arrests to mass disasters, including new diseases' outbreaks. Health ministries at national level, and province authorities at regional level finance National/Regional Research Programmes for a better management of medical emergencies. However, these managements and fundings are heterogeneous all across Europe. There are multiple replications and splitting up of those National/Regional Research Programmes, with no coordination among member states. In the frame of the strategic objectives of the ERA-NET scheme, the overall objective of HESCULAEP is to coordinate the National/Regional Research Programmes in the field of the management of medical emergencies, thus overcoming their current fragmentation, and creating a sustainable long term cooperation, in order to improve their overall management. HESCULAEP will achieve these goals through 4 steps: 1 / Exchange of information between the partners will lead to the collection of the different architectures and their related on-going National/Regional Research Programmes. 3 levels are concerned: National/Regional authorities, Health agencies, Emergency Medical Systems (EMS). 2 / Identification and analysis of strategic programmes, after different approaches and classifications using a validated methodology, with 3 identified scenarios and a chronological basis. 3 / Implementation of joint activities: Identified complementarities among the selected National/Regional Research Programmes will allow the setting up of pilots programmes, 4 of which should be described. 4 / HESCULAEP will then allow the implementation of a long term cooperation in the management of medical emergencies, along with the setting up of a European advisory board.

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