Project: Printing the Past. Architecture, Print Culture and Uses of the Past in Modern Europe PriArc

PriArc studies the relationship between architecture, print culture, and uses of the past. Examining architectural debate in Europe, European colonies and USA from late 18th to early 20th century, we examine the ways in which new notions of the past were negotiated and constructed through architecture. This negotiation took place not only in stone but on paper, not least in the llustrated press emerging from the 1830s onwards, spreading architectural texts and images to new audiences in Europe and beyond. By means of this hitherto neglected historical material, we query the ways architecture has been used to construct and promote notions of historical continuity, patrimony and progress. We ask why architecture took on such a central role in negotiating the use of history in the modern period, and we ask how this negotiation took place. PriArc, then, studies the preconditions of architectural culture in the contemporary world; an urgent task we believe, at a time when Europe's built environment is being rapidly reconfigured, both as a physical structure and a mediated environment. Integrating theory and practice, materiality and discourse, PriArc aims to throw new light on the intricate web of spatial, material and discursive practices that shaped uses of the past. Through publications and exhibitions, PriArc will explore how uses of the past materialized themselves in the modern world and contribute to new understandings of the historicity of the built environment.

Acronym PriArc (Reference Number: HERA.15.002)
Duration 13/06/2016 - 12/06/2019
Project Topic REFLECTIVE-1-2014
Call HERA Call “Uses of the Past”

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Oslo School of Architecture and Design Coordinator Norway
2 Leiden University Partner Netherlands
3 Ghent University Partner Belgium
4 University College London Partner United Kingdom
5 Factum Arte Observer Spain
6 Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo Observer Norway
7 Victoria & Albert Museum / RIBA Observer United Kingdom
8 RIBA Observer United Kingdom
9 Orsay Museum Observer France