Project: Knowledge Hub on Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity

Acronym DEDIPAC (Reference Number: JFA1)
Duration 01/12/2013 - 30/11/2016
Project Topic To understand the determinants, at both the individual and group levels, regarding dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours using a broad multidisciplinary approach and to translate this knowledge into a more effective promotion of a healthy behaviour the DEDIPAC Hub developed a work programme around 3 thematic areas: 1. Data Assessment and Harmonisation: assessment and harmonisation of methods to provide a set of reliable and validated measurement methods to be used for future research on dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours and their individual determinants, as well as for monitoring and evaluation of interventions. 2. Analysis of Determinants: determinants of dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours across the life course and in vulnerable groups to provide trans-disciplinary frameworks of behaviour determinants and social inequalities, including best-practice methods to analyse data and the identification of research gaps. 3. Interventions and Policies: evaluation and benchmarking of public health and policy interventions aimed at promoting healthy behaviours to provide a toolbox for development, evaluation and implementation of public policies and multilevel interventions related to improving dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours across the life course
Project Results
(after finalisation)
Europe has the right ingredients for the creation of infrastructure to study the causes of the causes of the chronic disease burden. DEDIPAC has strengthened existing infrastructure by aligning countries, research centres, and scientists from various disciplines across Europe on this crucial topic. It provided further insights into the measurement, the wide range of determinants of dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviour across the life course and their interplay. However, action is now needed to build on this momentum. At present, we need better cross-European harmonisation of measurement and monitoring, FAIR data management and data sharing, common methodology, as well as (longitudinal) data required to gain more insight into behavioural determinants, as well as policy evaluation and benchmarking. We lack complete data on all of Europe, with data on southern and eastern European regions, in particular, being scarce.
Network JPI HDHL
Call Healthy Diet for A Healty Life

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke Partner Germany
2 Ulm University Partner Germany
3 Stuttgart University Partner Germany
4 University of Konstanz Partner Germany
5 Division of Cancer Epidemiology Partner Germany
6 Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS GmbH Partner Germany
7 University Ulm, Institute of Epidemiology and Medical Biometry Partner Germany
8 Helmholtz Zentrum München, Institute of Epidemiology I Partner Germany
9 Leibniz-Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe Partner Germany
10 University of Bonn Partner Germany
11 Helmholtz Zentrum München Partner Germany
12 Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel Partner Germany
13 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Partner Germany
14 Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Partner Germany
15 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) Partner Germany
16 Else Kroener-Fresenius-Center for Nutritional Medicine Partner Germany
17 EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research Coordinator Netherlands
18 L'Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) Partner France
19 Centre de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine Rhône-Alpes (INSERM, –INRA) Partner France
20 National Institute for Health and Welfare Partner Finland
21 University of Eastern Finland, Department of Clinical Nutrition Partner Finland
22 University of Helsinki Partner Finland
23 Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Partner Spain
24 CIBER of Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP) Partner Spain
25 CIBER Fisiopatologia de la Obesidad y Nutricion Partner Spain
26 Spanish Biomedical Research Centre in Diabetes and Associated Metabolic Disorders Partner Spain
27 University of Oslo Partner Norway
28 University of Oslo Partner Norway
29 National Institute for Consumer Research Partner Norway
30 Ghent University Partner Belgium
31 Poznan University of Medical Sciences & Poznan University of Life Sciences Partner Poland
32 Poznan University of Medical Sciences & Poznan University of Life Sciences Partner Poland
33 University of Social Sciences and Humanities Partner Poland
34 Eugeniusz Piasecki University School of Physical Education Partner Poland
35 University of Rome Foro Italico Partner Italy
36 Centre for Research in Agriculture-National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition Partner Italy
37 University of Bologna Partner Italy
38 University of Turin Partner Italy
39 University of Aberdeen Partner United Kingdom
40 University of Cambridge Partner United Kingdom
41 University of Sheffield Partner United Kingdom
42 Institute of Food Research Partner United Kingdom
43 Glasgow Caledonian University School of Health and Life Science Partner United Kingdom
44 University of Ulster Partner United Kingdom
45 International Agency for Research on Cancer Partner France
46 University College Cork Partner Ireland
47 Dublin City University and University of Limerick Partner Ireland
48 Medical University Graz Partner Austria