Project: Improving Geothermal System Performance through Collective Knowledge Building and Technology Development

Acronym PERFORM (Reference Number: 170155-4401)
Duration 01/05/2018 - 01/05/2021
Project Topic The objective is to improve geothermal plant performance in order to increase energy output and provide economic feasibility to current and future geothermal projects. Existing geothermal plants still face a large variety of operational problems caused by flow obstructions and inefficient injection strategies. The project plan is to develop a collective knowledge base by aggregating data and experiences from a range of geothermal doublets at supra-national level. Demonstration of cost-efficient, next-generation technologies and methods (cation-, particle filters, CO2-injection, thermal stimulation) will enable the reduction of obstructive elements and resistance to fluid injection. Predictive modelling of physical and chemical processes will permit long-term doublet performance projection. Optimization strategies will be undertaken at demonstration sites to ensure maximum energy output.
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Network Geothermica
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Ammerlaan Geothermie B.V. Partner Netherlands
2 The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Partner Denmark
3 FORCE Technology Partner Denmark
4 Greenwell Westland Bv. Partner Germany
5 Helmholtz-Centre Potsdam - German Research Centre for Geosciences Partner Germany
6 HYDROISOTOP GmbH Partner Netherlands
7 Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek Coordinator Netherlands