Geothermica 2nd Cofund Call

Basic Information

The Second Call will build on the success of the previous one and incorporate valuable lessons learnt during the last four years. Moreover, the GEOTHERMICA Consortium will be broadening for the Second Call, with Norway and USA joining, giving GEOTHERMICA now the weight to influence and accelerate the development of geothermal energy globally.

Aim of the joint call GEOTHERMICA's second call objective is to accelerate the development of geothermal energy globally, by combining the financial resources and know-how of its respective partners, as well as expanding the utilisation of clean and renewable low carbon geothermal energy beyond its traditional markets and regions. In addition, GEOTHERMICA seeks to explore the optimization of geothermal direct use and power generation, including innovative integrated and combined systems.
Type of joint call Two Stages - Call with pre-proposals and full proposals submissions
Launch date 03/05/2019
Deadline Pre-Proposal 13/09/2019 Submitted proposal: 17
Deadline Full-Proposal 31/01/2020 Submitted proposal: 15
Evaluation End Date 01/06/2020 Successful proposal: 0 Proposals funded: 10
Is call co-funded? No
Call follow up funding n/a
Call reasons n/a
Research fields
  • Energy
Type of research n/a
Target groups n/a
Participating networks n/a

Organisations Participating

Country Organisation
France Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME)
Germany Project Management Juelich / Research Centre Juelich (PTJ/FZJ)
Iceland Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS)
Ireland Department of Environment, Climate and Communications (GSI)
Ireland Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI)
Netherlands Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
Norway Research Council of Norway (RCN)
Portugal Directorate General for Energy and Geology (DGEG)
Portugal Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)
Romania Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Spain Spanish State Research Agency (AEI)
Switzerland Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC)
Türkiye The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)
United States Department of Energy (DoE)