European Young Investigators Awards

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EURYI represented a bold move to implement from the outset a jointly funded policy instrument, with integrated programme management and common selection procedures, in the context of a specific pilot initiative - an award to outstanding young scientists from anywhere in the world to carry out innovative research in Europe. EURYI awards would enable national research councils to identify, explore and overcome practical barriers to transnational funding, establishing a sound and lasting basis for larger joint programmes in the future. The prizes would enable them to launch independent research careers in Europe over a five-year period and, where appropriate, to build their own teams of collaborators and assistants.

Research fields covered by the network

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
Call 2006 one-stage 01/09/2006   30/11/2006

Submitted: 450


Funded: 25

Call 2005 one-stage 01/09/2005   30/11/2005  

Funded: 25

Call 2004 one-stage 01/09/2004   30/11/2004  

Funded: 25

Call 2003 one-stage 01/09/2003   30/11/2003  

Funded: 25