Project: Development and Validation of DNA based Prototypes for Detection of Allergenic Species

The project consist of the following phases (WP): i) project management and partner activities organisation and monitoring; ii) Implementation of Allergenic species Detection Prototypes (ADPs). Three different prototypes will be considered for implementation: 1) Multiplexed PCR ADP prototype (MX-PCR-ADP), a Real time PCR multiplexed for the simultaneous detection of different allergenic species (up to 6) and with the SybrGreen chemistry 2) Colorimetric Microarray prototype (C-M-ADP), a low density microarray with a colorimetric detection system, and 3) a ready-to-use 96 microtiter plate containing single-plex PCR primers/probes prototype (MT-S-PCR-ADP). iii) preparation of reference materials (DNA) validated in ring tests between the partners of the consortium. The reference materials will be prepared for different plant and animal species according to labelling regulations in Europe. Condition of their storage and shipping will be tested. iv) challenging activities on matrices from real samples containing allergenic species. The aim is to test the “fitness-for-purpose” of the developed ADPs. Results will show the applicability of the developed ADPs and their possibilities and limits. v) development of a business plan and market analysis. The functional and the technical properties of the product will be defined and expressed. A Market study will be conducted mainly in Europe with little investigation in USA and Asia. The Exploitation plan will comprise the definition of a global turnover of the product, the definition of the position of the product versus competition, and the business model (nature of the revenues and of the costs). The innovation potential is an extensive breakthrough in traceability through the application of DNA technology: array and PCR for allergenic species detection. The results achieved will bring the use of these technologies and of the relative chemistries well beyond the actual level.

Network ETB-PRO
Call 7th call for proposals (Call 2012)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Lifelinelab S.r.L. Coordinator Italy
Germany Germany