Project: Advanced biomaterial testing by continuous monitoring of tissue/implant interactions using an impl. microsensor device

BIMoT pursues a two-fold goal: Firstly, a novel bioactive hybrid biomaterial will enable controlled cell selective ingrowth as a basis technology for the fabrication of advanced implants. Secondly, an implantable microsensor device (IMD) based method will allow for continuous monitoring of tissue/biomaterial interactions, thus enabling comprehensive and thorough in vivo testing of multiple hybrid biomaterial compositions while at the same time reducing animal tests by as much as 90% over conventional test formats. This project brings together complementary leading edge expertise from both biomaterial research and development as well as from implantable microsystems technology. In case of success, both a new class of functional biomaterials as well as an innovative biomaterial testing procedure will become available and the SMEs involved in BIMoT will be able to address markets of significant size for trachea replacements, orthopaedic implants, soft tissue regeneration and advanced wound healing.

Acronym BIMoT
Network ETB-PRO
Call 7th call for proposals (Call 2012)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Germany Germany
PROTiP Medical Coordinator France