Project: ReachOut, linking XDS federation and zero footprint viewer for healthcare

We aim to develop an open, standards-based infrastructure to link existing information systems for medical imaging, primarily RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), into one overarching federated system. This system will create and manage a “Google-like” virtual Electronic Patient Record (EPR) based on links to existing information. This new EPR will offer ubiquitous access to relevant patient data, through web technology (browsers) from any web-enabled device (for instance, mobile phone, iPad, or desktop with an internet/network connection). The services can be offered in a hosted model by employing cloud-based computing resources._x000D_A key aspect of our project is to leverage (not replace) existing information systems by providing new functionalities through a new infrastructure layer, in order to:_x000D_- Enhance the quality of patient care by giving a rapid and ergonomic access to all relevant patient information;_x000D_- Improve the efficiency of work processes, and enable healthcare professionals to work together with new and more distributed ways;_x000D_- Allow healthcare institutions to strengthen relationships with other healthcare providers. This will stimulate their cooperation and medical specialization._x000D_Another key aspect of this new system will be the seamless access to available (imaging) data, which we aim to provide through an innovative web-based viewing technology._x000D__x000D_To achieve this goal, we gather our complementary competences: _x000D_- Global Imaging Online (GIOL), French SME, specialist of the secured web-access PACS and RIS, will bring its competences to develop the web-access and the full web-based viewing technologies including new functionalities for real-time display of real-time every kinds of sophisticated medical imaging and advanced post- processing. _x000D_- FORCARE, Dutch software SME providing software products and services for healthcare focused on “interoperability” between healthcare IT systems, is a specialist in IHE XDS (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise – Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing). Forcare will bring its competences to develop the IHE XDS-based platform to harmonize and make accessible available imaging data from different sources within the hospital organisation and also externally._x000D__x000D_Thanks to our close collaboration, we have the ambition to build a system that is accessible to medical staff from everywhere, through a simple computer connected to the internet or a private network. This system will be able to show imaging data from different sources in real-time, which is a strong practical tool to improve healthcare. This technical collaboration is the necessary basis of a long term commercial Pship. Indeed, FORCARE and GIOL are very complementary both technically and commercially as they are operating on different software solutions that are very closely interconnected within the healthcare ecosystem._x000D__x000D_The project aims at federating IT infrastructure within the healthcare industry, through standards, in order to leverage the resilient productivity and efficiency in Hospitals and healthcare centres by improving the use of existing IT resources. The project will be focused on the medical imaging market. In the past 15 years, most western healthcare institutions have invested in digital imaging systems. Whilst they are fully in operation today inside the institutions, these systems are effectively “digital islands” seen from the outside, which we aim to interconnect via a standards-based infrastructure called a Health Information Exchange (HIE)._x000D__x000D_The purpose of this project is to develop new software to facilitate and foster the communication process; within the hospital organisation and as well as externally. This solution will encourage and facilitate the creation of various networks in the medical community, which will be beneficial for all patients. Furthermore, the improvement of the productivity through the use of telemedicine (i.e. distant diagnosis) is an important factor to in reducing health expenditures of European governments. Consequently, this project will deal in particular with the issues of interconnectivity and interoperability that need to be solved.

Acronym ReachOut (Reference Number: 6432)
Duration 01/10/2011 - 30/09/2014
Project Topic Development of standards-based federated RIS/PACS infrastructure for cross-enterprise workflow, with advanced zero-footprint visualization technology. The Ps are 2 R&D SMEs, Global Imaging OnLine (France - web PACS/RIS), and FORCARE (The Netherlands - interoperability in the IT healthcare).
Project Results
(after finalisation)
This project has allowed Global Imaging On Line to : _x000D_Develop an innovative technical offer based on XDS networks and Zero Foot Print visualization software _x000D_Industrialize and complement our solutions _x000D_Respond to Public regional Request for proposals and win one of those
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 6

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 Forcare B.V. Partner Netherlands
2 Global Imaging OnLine Coordinator France