Project: Development, testing and authorisation of nanotechnology based fire retardant for woodbased building materials.

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF PLANNED PROJECT_x000D_The project is based on fire retardant invented by Holz Prof Ou, Estonia. Holz Prof Ou from Estonia produces it now and it owns the patent of old retardant. The patent is ending and that is why HR Prof Jan von Haartman together with Holz Prof Ou has started to develop a new nanotechnology based fire retardant. The old retardant gives class B protection against fire, which is highest class that can be granted to fire retardant treated wood. The new retardant will be more effective. Due to its echological and nonpoisonous nature the new product stand a good chance to be chosen for the 2014 olympic building projects in Sotshi. The new fire retardant must be licensed in Russia. That means several test and research work COly in Russian research institutes and laboratories. Also Chinese customers have been very interested in the fire retardant. The fire retardant needs certification in all markets to be accepted. Also some plywood producers as well as OSB board producers are very interested in the product. The fire retardant can be sold to shipyards to wood components, which are used in decoration and furnishing. Because it can be spread like a paint and it contains no poisonous material , it can be used inside old protected buildings. The possibility to treat wood with pressure treatment equipment will be studied during the project. It can be also used for diptreatment of timber. The new products are expected to have improved wood preserving properties as well as durability against certain insects e.g. termites.This would save costs and time to get fire preventing ability as well as other positive effects._x000D__x000D_The goals of the project are to make the following development work and tests _x000D__x000D_- development and tests of new nanotechnology based fire retardant to replace the old fire retardant, _x000D_- to test the methods it can be applied to wood (painting, dipping and spreading with equipment) _x000D_- to find out fire protection standards, tests, other requirements and practices for authorisation and licences in all target country markets._x000D_- to make the necessary tests and apply for the required certificates in all target market countries._x000D_- to research the possibility to apply fire retardants with vacum/pressure equipment_x000D_- to develop a concentrate for distant markets_x000D_-to research the material usefulness in impregnation against rot and all kinds of insects control_x000D_-to find out the needed fire retardant standards needed tests, other requirements, and needed authorisation and licences for impregnation against rot and all kinds of insects control in all target country markets_x000D_ - to get new business areas for fire retardant by testing it in different circumstances and to different materials (wood, plywood and all other wood products) in impregnation against rot and and all kinds of insects control by testing it to different insects_x000D_- to test the effectivity as wood preservative and compatibility with commercial preservatives_x000D_- increase the production in Estonia and start the production in Finland_x000D_If these goals can be fulfilled the production of both in Estonia and Finland will increase to 500 ton till the end of project. This means 1.5 million euro turnover for both Ps. This means that in Estonia there will be 10 employees (now 4) and in Finland 6 (now 2). When the project is a commercial success the production volumes worldwide can reach 50.000 ton. The turnover and production will increase 15 -20 % annually after the project. Success in Sotshi Olympic building project makes possible to launch the fire retardant all over the world._x000D_ New customers will be as follows:_x000D_1. Consortium Sofi enterprises, who will use it in Sotshi Olympic village buildings._x000D_2. Producers of ready house components, plywood, furniture and other wood product for instance shipyards_x000D_3. Owners of old protected buildings, owners of wooden small houses _x000D_4. Producers that need big amount timber to be fire retardant treated_x000D_5. Producers of roof lattices_x000D_6. Building companies for institutional and public buildings_x000D_7. Customers, who need to protect their materials against fire, decay and insects_x000D__x000D_Ps _x000D_HR Prof Oy Finland is established 2008. Holz prof Ou has started cooperation with Jan von Haartman, because he has very long and successful career in chemical industry and he has lots of knowledge in chemical engineering and product development. He successfully started and led his chemical company for over 20 years. He has presented HR Prof fire retardant at the "International flame retardant expo" in Shanghai dec.2007 His CO tasks have been the international marketing issues and participating in the development of nanobased fire retardant. _x000D__x000D_Holz Prof Ou Estonia has the patent of the present fire retardant and also several other products. They also produce the fire retardant and have developed the new retardant to its present state._x000D_

Acronym nanofireretardant (Reference Number: 5184)
Duration 01/03/2010 - 28/02/2013
Project Topic Develop and test fire retardant, which is based on nanotechnology innovation. The product is supposed to have also wood preserving effects. Treatment methods, applying techniques, and dosage levels on different substrates to obtain intended fire classification has to be developed and tested.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 3

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 Holz Prof Ou Partner Estonia
2 HR prof Oy Coordinator Finland