Project: Optimization and Convergence for Next Generation Networks

To design and implement a heterogeneous dynamic system level simulation platform that will provide the end-user with a powerful simulation engine to test in-house innovative protocol solutions for existing and future emerging wireless technologies. The tool will be the enabler for testing convergence protocols, network planning and optimization, and for investigating new deployment strategies for cost effective pervasive mobile communications within a heterogeneous operator and networking environment in Next Generation Networks (NGN). _x000D__x000D_In a global European perspective, it is important to play a commanding role in the evolving information market, to be able to offer new technologies and services at a competitive price, whilst opening the door for future markets to ensure continuous economic growth. In addition, wireless trends have suggested that a focal part of the so called “Next Generation Networks (NGN)” will be seamless interoperability between network operators and access technologies in a bid to provide ubiquitous coverage, and cost-effective communications in an era where spectral resources are a premium. The drive for ubiquitous, cost-effective communication in unison with new service provisioning opportunities provided the impetus for the 4GOpen project. This collective consortium have a common interest to design, implement and validate a “heterogeneous dynamic system level simulation platform” for NGNs systems where the key actors (service providers, operators, and manufacturers ) will be able to test new deployment and optimization strategies in a heterogeneous networking environment. _x000D__x000D_The application of existing commercial tools for evaluating network performance, in a telecommunications society where we have heterogeneity in terms of operators and network, will provided limited results leading to non-optimal usage of radio resources in an era where communications must be cost-effective. The key goal of 4GOpen is to go beyond state-of-the-art on existing dynamic system level tool technologies to facilitate the global optimization of the radio network where we infer the network can encompass several RATs and operators. Thus in the scope we of 4GOpen, the existing homogeneous dynamic simulation tool from the Jaytech product range will be extended to provide:_x000D_• Tool for analyzing, testing and optimizing radio resource management schemes in a heterogeneous networking environment that includes HSDPA rel. 7, WiMAX 802.16e , and WiFi 802.11e;_x000D_• Open Structure: Existing and future standards can be realized with ease; _x000D_• Modular and end-user transparent framework with ‘plug and play’ features to support in-house algorithmic testing. _x000D_• Extendibility: The open structure ensures that redeveloping and extension can easily be achieved;_x000D_• Scalability: The scale of the air-interface technologies can be configured freely so that the cost of system devices can be minimized;_x000D_• State-of-the-art link level Interfacing: to feed the system level simulator with accurate channel data generated using a powerful ray-tracing tool from the Sigint product range. _x000D_• Network Level Interface: to support network and algorithmic optimization using real IP traffic;_x000D_• Measurement of key performance metrics with high confidence is statistical reliability;_x000D_• A GUI that ensures a seamless interactive experience with the simulation engine and the management of multiple simulation scenarios._x000D__x000D_Project Consortium_x000D_The project activities include a number of technical fields and disciplines, ranging from PHY layer aspects to network interoperability and planning, optimization, and software development._x000D_Thus, the successful achievement of the 4GOpen project requires the convergence of several types of compentences:_x000D_• Capacity to have a prospective vision of the most likely scenarios for network deployment, either at the technology or service level. This competence is brought into the 4GOpen project by the presence of both Sigint and Jaytech that have extensive experience in European collaborative projects targeted towards networks of the future, that includes consortia with players that are considered global telecommunication operators. _x000D_• Capacity to implement a system level experimental infrastructure to perform network planning and optimization for different deployment strategies within a heterogeneous operator and access technology environment. JayTech have the necessary know-how and tools to achieve these objectives in 4GOpen._x000D_• Capacity to provide highly parallelized radio planning simulation tools through a ray-tracing simulation engine and provision of state-of-the-art physical layer channel models for implementing the 4GOpen scenarios. This attribute is brought by Sigint Solutions Ltd. which will lead this activity. _x000D_

Acronym 4GOpen (Reference Number: 4273)
Duration 01/09/2008 - 28/02/2011
Project Topic To design, implement and validate a heterogeneous dynamic system level simulation tool that will provide the end-user with a powerful simulation engine to test in-house innovative wireless protocols, and network deployment strategies for legacy and future emerging wireless networks.
Project Results
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The CO result of the project is the remote interconnection of a realistic ray tracing simulator with a system/network simulator for the purpose of allowing realistic evaluations of current (2G, 3G) and future (4G and beyond) communication setups
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2 Wavecom - solucoes radio Coordinator Portugal
2 Sigint Solutions Ltd. Partner Cyprus