Project: Development of the eLearning system for dyslexia rectification and automatic effectiveness assessment of its utilization

The area of discovering and finding solutions to Specific Developmental Deficiency (SDD) in learning, become an integral part of the professional contents in European countries, as well as in educational practices. One of the most frequent SDDs is dyslexia with statistics showing of up to 10% of the population suffering from it. The problem is a conflict between the current research result and practical results, which are also frequently criticized. The widening gap between research and practice represents serious brake on effective learning in helping children and adults overcome SDD. Another serious problem is the shortage of expert psychologists, who are able to evaluate the effectiveness of the help provided. The aim of the project is closing this gap, in other words, linking the actual research results in a given area, with teaching practices in schools, offering quality and relevant information to the public at large and to professionals while offering individual help to make the learning process more effective. We fully intend to achieve this aim through detailed analysis of existing SW products applied in the given area by researching evaluation methods and in development of automatic monitoring system as well as evaluating the effectiveness of applied teaching procedures. The final result should then be a product available on-line, which would offer immediate control of the effectiveness of the applied teaching methods._x000D_A sample of selected teaching institutions will be used to verify the ways and means, together with the principles of the service’s function, with the aim that professional, as well as layman’s discussion will evaluate the benefits of the format offered to the training approach of youngsters, who suffer from learning difficulties and finding solutions and evaluate the suitability of given approach from the standpoint of professional pedagogy, COly in relation to dependency on given conditions. For this reason, P selection has been done in consideration of geographical composition._x000D_The project will also necessitate focusing on evaluation of adequate number of on-line exercises completed, statistical evaluation of tested persons and experiences of professional professional educators. Presently, an appropriate publicity will be devoted to the project by means of public discussion with broader participation of the professionals._x000D_The aim of the project is to develop a system of high quality SW tools, which make possible evaluation of the effectiveness by using individual SW tools that are already used in dealing with dyslexia or are readied for use on a single individual. These tools will make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of individual SW tools, of similar tools in reserve, and also the ability of the individual, where these SW tools had been applied. The SW developed by us will therefore recommend an optimum use of SW tools and will evaluate the effectiveness of the SW already in use._x000D_On the other hand it will be possible to identify narrow areas and indicate the necessary application of other SW or possible alternate means with guarantee that a given investment will have the greatest effect. _x000D_The user will be able to evaluate an individual through a model, as a result of using certain SW. Qualified psychologist will then be able to determine a great degree of precision with these tools the necessary extent of the individual application and time necessary to deal with individual problems, as well as define suitable teaching SW, which will be exact. Thanks to the SW that had been developed, the user will be able to define the effects with great degree of precision, which is brought by the application of certain SW._x000D_The users of our SW can chart the effects through appropriate models, that the SW application has, and detect excessive or possibly missing functions._x000D_Models thus created can be used to optimize the effect of a teaching SW on given individual, by analyzing its impact, the method and monitor activities, which have basic influence on their effectiveness. Statistical model will have to have a multidimensional character, which will make multidimensional optimization possible, one that is very effective especially in comparison with two-dimensional optimization, which is mostly used._x000D_The project will also acquire technology and equipment. The applicant reckons that participating schools and also some students have the corresponding equipment and (phone) connections at their disposal. Technical and data equipment necessary for this project will be mostly leased._x000D_The target group, e.g. those, who will be the subject of this project’s impact and whom it should help, are first of all pupils, students and professional educators.

Acronym DYSLEXTEST (Reference Number: 4388)
Duration 01/07/2008 - 30/06/2011
Project Topic The project deals with the problem of dyslexia,where its control is effectively possible by influencing it through exercise system,via an online application,with degree of success control present.It enables these type of the exercises and optimize the user’s progression.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The internet portal , user-friendly and acceptable to pupils, as well as to professional educators. Depending on the type of user, it has the following benefits individual target groups: _x000D_1. Children (possibly parents, who can actively participate in rectification of SDD problems) - _x000D_Pupils gain, within the school environment or even individually, the option of accessing teaching aids that make it possible for them to rectify problems related to dyslexia – use of computer technology in schools or from home. By accessing the new system, they gain the option of checking the effectiveness of use of wide spectrum that had been professionally verified and recommended exercises, courses from which, with the help of a professional educator, possibly in cooperation with a therapist from a teaching professional – psychological counselling office will use those means that best meet their specific educational needs. Currently this is actively used by more than 50 pupils with SDD from the Czech Republic._x000D_2. Pedagogues, education advisors and those employed in educational facilities - _x000D_They gain access to actual information and part-contents of the portal may for example, recommend the service to the parents, who will actively participate in re-education together with their children during on-line exercises. For school activities, the professional educators may enable the students’ access numerous exercises and courses, which will further develop their abilities. This activity may be far more systematic and intensive, which will lead to attaining optimum results. Further, professional educators are not left to their own devices and can fall back on professional support from an expert, engaged in the project. Currently, the active use of seven primary schools from the Czech Republic. Their teachers through the portal cooperate with the organization "pedagogical-psychological counseling."_x000D_On our internet portal is also the possibility of engaging the parents in the project and increase their share in their child’s success. Parents may gain maximum information about the problem and will also be able to do the basic diagnosis by using the available on-line test and gain instant contact with a professional in a given area; in the future children and adults, diagnosed with SDD, will be able to, through on-line exercises, work on eliminating problems caused them by the SDD in school and in life. It is presumed that many will actively cooperate with the portal’s creators and share in its contents, as well as its graphic finish and overall quality.
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2 B&M InterNets, s.r.o. Coordinator Czech Republic
2 Indra Sistemas S.A. Partner Spain