Project: - development of a manufacturing platform for the smart card with integrated flexible display showing 32 characters

The Swedish R&D company Swecard and the German engineering consultant Schiller will collaborate in a product development project. Swecard has developed a lab prototype of a world unique product – a display card with an integrated 32 character display. The collaborative project described in this application contains three challenging stages:_x000D_• An unique production process for the key component called FlexChip – an advanced circuit board integrated in a smart card_x000D_• An innovative production process for the Flexible Display – an interactive display with the smart chip and the FlexChip_x000D_• A new integration process for microelectronics and smart cards_x000D__x000D_Swecard has developed a world unique communication tool with a display that is integrated on a smart card. The technical product has been invented, developed and tested in Swecard’s research centre in Borlänge, and we now aim for the market entry on a large scale. The purpose of this joint product development project is to find a functional and cost effective production process for the display card. This state-of-the-art product for the dynamic smart card market requires a new manufacturing technology and new production methods. By doing so, we will reach the market of smart cards with exclusive and patented technology. The know-how of our consortium is unique and will be added to the development of the automation tools of our project P in Germany. To make the production process possible there are several technical challenges to overcome. _x000D_The production of the display card is much more complex than for a traditional smart card and demands a revolutionizing production process. In addition, the innovative production process has many important spin off effects. A large network of technology providers has been put in place providing competence and leadership as well as market contacts throughout the global community of microelectronics. What reCOs to be developed is a production process suitable for a large-scale production. _x000D_This project is addressing a number of technological challenges for both project participants in their respective field. The CO challenge of this project is to create a manufacturing process with an exactitude and preciseness in the production phase – especially during the integration process. It is challenging to develop the tools and machines that enable a production of high technological microelectronics on a large scale. The technological challenges are addressed to meet the market demands, which we are convinced of our customers are willing to pay for. Managing the project successfully will result in solving problems and promoting more competitive offers to our customers._x000D_The CO reason for the development of the display card is to answer to the increased market demand in the smart card industry. The market for smart cards is huge; according to market expectations 20 bn smart cards will be sold in 2020. The traditional smart cards have open up a market for additional features such as the display cards. The market demands more accessible information, more secure transactions and multi functional cards. SWATS (Swedish Advanced Technology Systems) - our advanced and innovative technique used in the display card - answers to these demands from a vast market segment; as for example the banking sector, travel industry, media & entertainment sector, healthcare and security card issuers and retail businesses. The revolutionary display card will provide the market with an flexible interactive display with 32 characters that has a multifunctional application support with a huge information capacity. _x000D_Managing this production process project successfully will result in increasing both project participants’ competitiveness and enable access to new revenues at a market with no competitors at this stage. When completing this project Swecard will be able to put their world unique display card on the market and thereby capture the position as a premium technology provider for the smart card industry. Schiller will gain access to a new cutting-edge technology of smart cards and a world unique integration process of microelectronics, which is highly valuable in their development of automation tools. Both participants will gain strategically useful knowledge, information and experiences from this project and will be able to commercialize the results of the project independently. Both participants will be able to reach rapid growth. Our customers will enjoy a premium smart card with a greater customer value to an affordable price. Swecard will offer the market a multifunctional smart card with a higher security level, better information availability and personalized functions, produced with a great efficiency as a result of using the new manufacturing process and the specific know-how of Schiller in the automation tools. Schiller will apply their technology for design and unique construction to gain access to a gigantic new market._x000D_

Acronym The display card (Reference Number: 4281)
Duration 11/02/2008 - 11/07/2009
Project Topic This market-oriented collective product development project aims to launch a new generation of smart cards that combines security and functionality with an access to the stored information via an integrated display. The project will succeed by using new manufacturing technology and new components.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
CO result of the subproject is an operable demonstrator for realizing the key process "lamination" within the process of The Display Card. It is existing of the submodules 'lamination' and 'UV-curing'. The subproject was finished with a system evaluation in the SCHILLER laboratories. The P Swecard was present during the final tests. Altogether the test runs were satisfyingly. The function of the partial components developed at Schiller was documented in common conclusion protocol.
Network Eurostars
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 Swecard International AB Observer Sweden
3 Schiller Automation GmbH & Co. KG Partner Germany
3 Swecard AB Coordinator Sweden