Project: Development of a drinking water pipeline network monitoring system - detecting, pre-locating, and locating leakages

Drinking water losses severely contradict current efforts to use drinking water resources reasonably and efficiently within the framework of a sensible ecology policy. Also technical, hygienic, and economical aspects make water supply utilities avoid to the greatest possible extent any drinking water losses._x000D__x000D_The target of this innovative project is to develop a monitoring system which enables the water supply utilities (waterworks, etc.) to detect any leakages instantly (automatic indication) and to locate such leakages with only little manpower requirements. The purchase price of the system and its COtenance costs will be reasonable and thus affordable for any water supply utility. _x000D__x000D_Functioning:_x000D__x000D_Each leakage generates a specific noise which travels along the pipe. This noise can be picked up at valves, hydrants, watermeters, etc., and the noise level increases when approaching the leakage spot._x000D__x000D_The radio data loggers made by F.A.S.T. GmbH measure the noise level during low-consumption hours at night, analyse the data and save the information. If this noise level is subject to an increase under comparable and reliable measurement conditions, the pipeline section is likely to have a leakage. The monitoring system then has to forward this information without any delay to the appropriate department/technician of the water supply utility. in order to save costs, several loggers will transfer the data in a peer-to-peer way through so-called transreceivers to a collection station, which is equipped with a GSM module. The collection station instantly reports the leakage status to the department in charge of the particular pipeline section. The next step is to synchronize those loggers which are located in the vicinity of the prospective leakage and to execute a correlation. As a result, the utility receives a precise indication where to find the leakage (e.g. leakage in a distance of 25.3 metres from logger no. 265 [102 Baker Street] direction logger no. 267 [junction Baker Street / CO Street]). This message will be displayed on the PC screen with a graphical background._x000D__x000D_Drinking water losses will be reduced considerably, and staff costs will decrease noticeably._x000D__x000D_F.A.S.T. GmbH will develop the data loggers and the pick-ups and will focus on the development of the electronics and of the sensor system as well as on the development of the radio transmission technology applied._x000D__x000D_

Acronym AZ-radio (Reference Number: 4226)
Duration 01/11/2008 - 31/10/2011
Project Topic The target of the project target is to develop a net-like monitoring system to enable the water supply utilities to detect leakages on the network system immediately and automatically and to locate and to remedy such leakages with only little manpower requirements.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
Continuos nois data collection in water distribution networks, their analysis and transfer via internet in order to dedect leakages. This enables us to introduce new methods of reducing water losses.
Network Eurostars
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 MTA Messtechnik GmbH Partner Austria
2 Ingenieurgesellschaft für angewandte Sensortechnik mbH Coordinator Germany