Project: Mobile Forging Workbench: Client-server access to CAE forging simulation environment, using mobile devices.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES_x000D__x000D_The primary goal of the Mobile Forging Workbench ("MoFoWo") project is to develop a commercial client-server software application that will enable mobile access to a simulation environment (“Workbench”) for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) forging simulations. _x000D__x000D_The overall objectives will be obtained through a set of secondary objectives:_x000D__x000D_(1) Design and create a DATABASE to store CAE forging simulation data and results_x000D__x000D_(2) Develop an APPLICATION SERVER that will (a) retrieve data from the database, (b) generate and stream variable resolution display models to the client, (c) apply data mining algorithms to perform cross-analysis queries, and (d) control simulations on clusters._x000D__x000D_(3) Design and develop a COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL that handles information transfer in an efficient and secure manner._x000D_ _x000D_(4) Design and develop a CLIENT APPLICATION on smart phones and pads to access services on the application server. Services shall include 3D visualization of forging models and results, data mining functionality and simulation control._x000D__x000D_The results from the MoFoWo project are expected to contribute significantly to Transvalor’s ambitious industrial goal to become the CAE forging market leader within the next 5 years. _x000D__x000D_The motivation of Ceetron’s contribution is to develop innovative visualization technology for mobile devices that will be integrated with Transvalor’s software products. The project results will be used further to merge into a generic product (“GLview Mobile 3D Viewer Suite”) targeted at a broader spectrum of CAE systems. _x000D__x000D_PROJECT SCOPE _x000D__x000D_The novel MoFoWo software platform for mobile devices will target actors in the CAE/forging industry: engineers and technicians, but also project managers and sales personnel._x000D__x000D_The product will lower the barrier to utilize complex simulation tools, and thus enable actors without deep technical knowhow to use their mobile terminals to: (a) present, visualize and analyze simulation results for clients and prospective customers, (b) monitor computation runs at distance, and (c) search the simulation database and extract condensed know-how from it by connecting to a distant server. _x000D__x000D_MoFoWo will make simulation data much easier to analyze than in competitive CAE tools, and will enable Transvalor and their distributors to access new growth markets, spreading to user groups that have little or no experience with CAE simulation and analysis. Furthermore, MoFoWo will provide a visible marketing differentiation. _x000D__x000D_The transition from a traditional “workstation/computation cluster” environment – focusing on single simulations – to a mobile client-server environment accessing a complete database of simulations, is a part of Transvalor’s growth strategy when entering new markets. _x000D__x000D_BACKGROUND_x000D__x000D_In industrial manufacturing, engineers use CAE forging software tools to validate and optimize their production process to in order to make high quality industrial and consumer products at the lowest cost. Today, practical use of these simulation results requires experienced users with a thorough understanding of the software, the forging discipline, and proper use of results and data. _x000D__x000D_Transvalor started a self-funded project to simplify the user experience of Forge, in line with the strategy of _x000D_making simulation more widely spread. MoFoWo will expand on this concept ._x000D__x000D_MARKET OPPORTUNITIES_x000D__x000D_The high-end segment of the forging simulation market is mature and well established. The current technology of Forge has been competitive in this segment. However, today's design centers and production plants are distributed world-wide. The environment of Forge requires a new design to be compatible with this new market's communication needs. MoFoWo has the opportunity to be the first solution and thus, set a de facto standard._x000D__x000D_There is no similar mobile product or technology supporting CAE simulation results on the market today. Several software companies are however exploring how mobile devices can be used within their CAD/CAE/PLM software environments: Autodesk has recently released a limited version AutoCAD for iPhone/iPad, and SIMULIA has launched the CAD model viewer 3DVIA Mobile HD for iPad. Both products are ‘viewers’ supporting static data (drawings/models). More companies are expected to follow this trend._x000D__x000D_PROJECT CONSORTIUM_x000D__x000D_The project consortium consists of two R&D intensive SMEs; the French company Transvalor S.A., which is responsible for commercialization of MoFoWo; and the Norwegian company Ceetron AS which is a provider of advanced visualization and preprocessing software for finite element based solvers. Both companies are niche software companies with a strong position in their respective markets. Both parties have extensive research experience from both national and international projects.

Acronym MoFoWo2011 (Reference Number: 6943)
Duration 01/01/2012 - 30/06/2014
Project Topic Mobile Forging Workbench is a novel, cloud-based technology enabling mobile access to forging simulations. Key benefits are remote 3D visualization, data mining and simulation control using smart phones/pads. MoFoWo will significantly increase the size of the forging simulation market.
Project Results
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The overall project objective of the Mobile Forging Workbench ("MoFoWo") project was to develop a commercial client-server software application that will enable mobile access to a simulation environment called Workbench dedicated to forging process simulations. _x000D__x000D_The CO achievement is the design and the implementation within WorkBench application of a new visualization framework. A demonstration of the protoype of the visualization framework has been made to more than one hundred of manufacturers during the International Forge User Meeting (2 - 3 June 2014) held in Sophia Antipolis (France). This prototype application enable a user to connect to a remote running or finished forging simulation using a mobile and light visualization client. It permits to monitor the results (visualization of iso values, zoom, rescale, animation control,...), to represent 3D results directly on the model and 2D resulting curves in plots._x000D__x000D_It has been demonstrated that it is possible to remotely post process with a light visualization client the huge amounts of data that are issued from forging simulations.
Network Eurostars
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 PostGL AS Partner Norway
2 Transvalor S.A. Coordinator France