Project: Integrated Condition and Control Monitoring System

The CO goal this project is to develop an integrated condition and control monitoring, ICCM, system for offshore renewable energy plants. Monitoring the usage, structural health integrity, operating and output parameters will provide the basis for Condition Based COtenance, CBM, and optimised performance. Condition and control monitoring systems are emergent tools in the energy industry allowing optimisation of COtenance schedules and maximisation of operational efficiency. Offshore plants are the next renewable energy solutions COly because of the high energy generation potential of these regions. But due to the harsh conditions of operation and inherent logistic difficulties, they demand more advanced ICCM. The CO objectives of ICCM project are: • To perform a requirements analysis for offshore renewable energy generation plants related to condition and control monitoring; • To customise specialized software codes csEMS, PRODDIA® and WINGMAN to the requirements of offshore renewable energy generation plants; • To integrated synergistically specialized codes in a single advanced platform that effectively monitor and control offshore renewable energy plants; • To develop a test case of the ICCM tool in order to validate the developed concept; this will be based on “Poseidon” innovative offshore energy generation platform. csEMS is a software that provides optimised asset management support tools for multiple asset power generating companies, being fully-scalable, flexible and customised platform with the ability to manage multiple distinct production centres or assets. PRODDIA® is focused on the continuous evaluation of material condition and structural integrity of the critical components of high-value assets. It emerged from the requirement for a deployable Structural Health Monitoring system for the aeronautic industry using advanced materials, built-in sensors and supporting effective decision-making for inspection and COtenance actions based upon real component condition. WINGMAN was developed to the requirements of condition monitoring and reporting systems for the aviation defence industry, addressing inspection, COtenance and logistics integration, being suitable to any industrial sector dealing with multiple high-value assets. The ICCM project aims at integrating the above codes into a single innovative tool that will ensure safe and reliable operation throughout the offshore platform lifecycle but also will help maximise the efficiency of the overall plant. This approach allows integrating previously unrelated data, giving additional information and new performance metrics and supporting decision making actions. CO advantages of such an ICCM tool are related to the optimisation of COtenance schedules and logistics, raising new paradigms of CBM, the maximisation of operational efficiency and improved safety. Such an ICCM tool has wide application in wind and wave energy plants both onshore and offshore. The pertinent selection of a test case based on Poseidon prototype has two CO advantages: a) offshore plants are emerging worldwide and demanding novel ICCM tools; b) combining wind and wave energy generation technologies allow addressing both markets in a single test case. The CO outputs of ICCM project are easily applicable to other offshore energy plants, enlarging market applications of the innovative tool. This proposal is a consortium of three companies: Critical Materials (CMT), Critical Software (CSW) and Floating Power Plant (FPP). CMT mission is to provide technology and efficient products for monitoring, diagnosis and prognosis of critical applications of advanced material systems. CMT uniqueness resides in a distinctive combination of capability across Materials and Mechanics, Software and Simulation and Electronics and Instrumentation that allows looking at any challenge with multiple perspectives and developing the best solution. CSW provides solutions, services and technologies for mission and business critical processes and its success lies in bringing quality and innovation to their customers’ IT systems in a timely and cost effective manner. As a knowledge-intensive engineering company CSW’s core competences cover a wide array of expertise – Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Enterprise Application Integration, Command & Control, Logistics, Security and Infrastructure - that are flexibly used in order to better address customer requirements and engineer solutions. FPP is a clean-tech company that develops and provides a unique technology to harvest the limitless energy of the ocean. FPP mission is to make floating renewable solutions to the benefit of the global climate and the health of humanity. The goal of the company is to commercialise positive results from the development of floating power plants based on wave and wind energy. FPP owns and holds the rights to develop and build the floating power plant Poseidon.

Acronym ICCM (Reference Number: 7091)
Duration 01/02/2012 - 31/12/2013
Project Topic The CO goal of this project is to develop and validate an innovative software solution for an integrated condition and control monitoring system for advanced offshore renewable energy plants.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The two CO the results of the project was: 1) Development of an integrated Condition monitoring and O&M system based on continues dataflow 2) Testing and validation of the developed system in both offshore and close shore enviroment
Network Eurostars
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 Critical Materials, SA Coordinator Portugal
3 Critical Software SA Partner Portugal
3 Floating Power Plant A/S Partner Denmark