Project: Developing and implementing 3D sound tools and concepts for HD live transmissions of events into movie theatres

Nowadays, the demand from customers to remotely participate in live performance events has dramatically grown. Following this trend, movie theatres are transitioning to become cultural venues for all sorts of content, including live sport, opera, etc._x000D_However, really taking part in the event does not only mean to get abstract information from the remote event venue. Taking part means to enjoy the degree of sensual quality (e.g. visual, acoustical quality) and social quality as “if you were there”._x000D_The social aspect is particularly important. It is somehow difficult to enjoy and feel being part of the audience of a social event when you are alone at home. Many live performance events are significantly based on the reaction of the audience and wouldn’t exist without. This is obviously the case for soccer games, but an opera performance is also a social event that is not just about reproduction. It is not enough for the customers just to be informed about the exciting mood of the event at the venue – they would rather prefer sharing the same mood within a group of viewers._x000D__x000D_The visual and acoustical envelopment is an important psychological feature that significantly contributes to the overall immersion. The immersion, i.e. the feeling of “being there” can be created by dramaturgical as well as by visual and acoustical means._x000D_In cinema, recent experience on IMM, IONOSO or AURO 3D format (VDT-Magazin 05/2011, p.7-10 (German); and resolution 2012-01/02 pp.52) proves that spatially enhanced loudspeaker formats incorporating height loudspeakers are best suitable for creating a high degree of naturalness, immersion and overall sound quality._x000D_But live productions often lack this level of quality for immersing the listener in the middle of the performance, creating an immersive and thrilling experience. The truth is: no complete 3D sound production tools exist for HD live performances transmission in movie theatres._x000D_The first reason is that the recording lacks the understanding of how to prepare the audio signal for the mixing stage. Secondly, no digital mixing desks exist today that manage 3D sound. Thirdly, the transmission methods do not support 3D sound. Finally, the reproduction stage lacks knowledge on how to enhance the immersion feeling by matching the acoustics between the event and the reproduction venues._x000D__x000D_The LIVING THEATRES project aims to address these limitations and has the ambition to propose a complete sound production chain for HD live performances transmission in movie theatres, including recording, mixing, transmission and playback. The particular intention is to create an enhanced live atmosphere through a novel concept of matching the acoustics between event and reproduction venue._x000D__x000D_LIVING THEATRES is a market-oriented project that focuses on live performing arts business. The digital transmission of such events in movie theatres is the most significant shift in the industry since the introduction of surtitles 15 years ago. Digital technology has impacted performing arts in terms of business practices, marketing and reaching audiences. It will be soon possible to attend remotely any live events taking place all over the world. LivingTheatres is a unique opportunity for European cultural bodies to differentiate within this increasing international competition and an important chance to export European culture all over the world._x000D_The project will support SMEs who stand in the value chain between the Major Performing organisations and Movie Theatres. In term of benefits, the project will contribute converting more public to the performing arts and increase paying audiences for the performing arts, both at live performances and in movie theatres._x000D__x000D_The project comprises the development of:_x000D_• New digital microphones and recording techniques able to record discrete and diffuse sound;_x000D_• New recording and sound processing products able to record, store and setup 3D audio live sound;_x000D_• New digital mixing desk compatible with existing audio formats (5.1, 7.1, AURO 3D, etc.);_x000D_• New 3D sound transmission approach that will save bandwidth and will use the existing standard interfaces (AC3, 448, etc.);_x000D_• New tool to edit the recording acoustic in order to enhance the immersion feeling during the playback._x000D__x000D_The consortium consists of DMS (FR), ILLUSONIC (CH) and SCHOEPS (DE). All are research performing SMEs, covering three different countries. The consortium combines existing know-how and technologies:_x000D_• DMS is an audio expert provider of digital and analog audio solutions for the entertainment industry. This includes Cinema Pro audio technologies & systems, calibration and system audio expertise;_x000D_• ILLUSONIC develops technologies to improve audio experiences. This includes technologies that advance the state of the art of sound capture, processing, reproduction, multi-channel 3D audio, 3D upmix and beamforming;_x000D_• SCHOEPS is specialized in building condenser microphones, accessories and recording techniques.

Acronym LIVING THEATRES (Reference Number: 7747)
Duration 01/03/2013 - 28/02/2015
Project Topic LIVING THEATRES proposes new sound techniques, technologies and products for live transmission including recording, mixing, transmission and playback. The actual goal is to create an enhanced live atmosphere through a novel concept of matching the acoustics between the event and reproduction venues.
Network Eurostars
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 Schalltechnik Dr.Ing. Schoeps GmbH Coordinator Germany
3 Digital Media Solutions Observer France
3 Illusonic GmbH Partner Switzerland