Project: Fully Automated Traffic Managment system for road works

_x000D_Everyone who ever was caught up in a traffic jam waiting inside the car in front of road works or who ever wanted to cross the road at exact that spot as a pedestrian, knows the problem of inequitable distribution of green periods and staff, who are unable to cope with the situation of the regulation of traffic. Even if traffic lights are used for regulation, a reaction to actual occurrences is not included, because the situation as a whole cannot be captured (detected) sufficiently and accordingly the necessary equipment is not available. _x000D__x000D_At road works, especially within urban areas with higher and variable traffic volume, high dissatisfaction exists with the current management system. On the one hand the guarantors of the road works are dissatisfied with the high costs through personnel requirements using manual traffic regulation; on the other hand road users are dissatisfied with unnecessary waiting times, generated by fixed, non-traffic related and mostly time-controlled regulations via temporary traffic lights._x000D__x000D_Within the project FAcTuM a mobile traffic management system will be developed which will be used for high traffic occurrences which usually cause traffic problems. This is often the case with road works. The system will be able to detect the occurring traffic, based on different traffic data sensors, and will control the traffic using this information. The sensors will detect vehicles as well as pedestrians and cyclists, not only directly within the area of the road works, even in area before. In general it is distinguished between private vehicles and public transport (bus and tram). The interpretation and traffic management will be carried out in a multimodal way. That means it will take specific requirements of traffic participants (e.g. giving priority to public transport) into consideration. The traffic can be influenced by light signals and/or signs. (##see diagram in the annex - linear road works with a road which enters the bottleneck; see also “logical framework matrix”##)._x000D__x000D_Aim of the FAcTuM project:_x000D_• Reliable detection of the traffic flow, traffic jams and specific journey times_x000D_• Provision of recommendations for improved traffic management in real time_x000D_• Control of light signals and signs based on these recommendations_x000D__x000D_The improved traffic management results in considerably shorter travel times, less traffic jams, less emissions and production of CO2 and lead to an increase in satisfaction of the traffic participants._x000D__x000D_The FAcTuM traffic management system will be expanded by modules. This ensures easy operation and optimal adaptation. The FAcTuM system will consist of the following elements:_x000D_• Sensors for detecting the traffic data of pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and public transport_x000D_• Data analysis and transfer units_x000D_• Power supply units_x000D_• Traffic management units_x000D_• Output interfaces and_x000D_• Signs (traffic lights and info screens)._x000D__x000D_The FAcTuM traffic management system provides:_x000D_• Systematic automatic detection of the traffic (all traffic types)_x000D_• Compilation, analysis and interpretation of the recorded data_x000D_• Automatic selection of the preset control strategies_x000D_• Control of peripheral sign units (traffic lights, info screens) via defined interfaces_x000D__x000D_With the results of the FAcTuM project the gap between expensive high-tech traffic lights and flexible manual regulation will be closed within the traffic management at road works. In Europe there is a volume of 47 to 118 million euros for the market of traffic management at road works. A market share of 1.6 million euros is supposed to reach by the mobile and traffic dependent traffic management of FAcTuM until 2020._x000D_Communes, operators of infrastructures, building enterprises and finally all traffic participants will benefit through FAcTuM from a professional traffic management at road works. That there is interest in a professional solution, is emphasised by the support of the cities of Graz (AT) and Zagreb (HR), which both want to implement a prototypic application of the system within their road system and both take a great interest in the results (##see Appendix: Letters of intent##). _x000D__x000D_Consortium_x000D_verkehrplus GmbH (Graz, AT, lead P – project coordination) is a company involved in research which carries out prognosis, planning and strategy consulting in the field of traffic planning and traffic technology._x000D_MedianovaData Software GmbH (Budapest, HU) develops software in the field of digital image processing forusing video cameras as traffic data sensors._x000D_Northbridge IT Solutions GmbH (Gleisdorf, AT) is responsible for the system integration, data transfer, component tests and sensor integration. _x000D_The consortium has been working together for several years in the field of traffic data detection, predominantly data generation for traffic flow simulations in traffic planning ( It has been successful in the field of video, laser and radar detection. _x000D_

Acronym FAcTuM (Reference Number: 8175)
Duration 01/09/2013 - 31/12/2015
Project Topic Project FAcTuM will develop a portable traffic management system for use at road works. Coordinated traffic data sensors will control display units (traffic lights, displays) in realtime and allow for the first time a broad, multimodal, traffic-dependent regulation of these sensitive traffic areas.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 10

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 Northbridge IT Solutions GmbH Partner Austria
3 verkehrplus Prognose, Planung und Strategieberatung GmbH Coordinator Austria
3 MedianovaData Szoftverfejleszto Kft. Partner Hungary