Project: Using a side stream from oil-pressing as a novel protein source for plant-based meat substitutes

Acronym Plant2Go (Reference Number: 114951)
Duration 01/03/2021 - 01/03/2023
Project Topic Plant2Go aims to bring a novel plant-based meat substitute (a snack product-line) to the market that is affordable, highly nutritious with a unique meat-like taste and juiciness. This breakthrough innovation is based on the use of the extrusion production method and enzymatic processing to enable a side-stream product of vegetable oil pressing as raw material. The consortium will deliver a market-ready prototype that is the first meat-substitute from a highly sustainable, novel source.
Network Eurostars 2
Call Eurostars Cut–off 14

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Florinvest S.A. Partner Belgium
2 Planted Foods AG Coordinator Switzerland