Project: Development of a new platform technology for efficient, fast and cost-effective antibody generation.

Acronym EffiBody (Reference Number: 10054)
Duration 01/01/2016 - 01/01/2019
Project Topic The consortium will deliver an innovative platform technology including bioinformatics tools for the selection, characterization and production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), integrating mass spectrometry, next generation sequencing and bioinformatics tools. The resulting EffiBody platform technology will be more reliable, faster and cost-effective than current methods, ensuring high competitiveness on market. To achieve Proof of Concept, mAbs against cancer targets will be generated.
Network Eurostars 2
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 4

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
22687 ModiQuest Therapeutics B.V. Coordinator Netherlands
22688 Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam Partner Netherlands
22689 PubGene AS Partner Norway
22690 ibiomics GmbH Partner Germany