Coordinating national research programmes and policies on security at major events in Europe

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"The proposal “Coordinating National Research Programmes and Policies on Security at Major Events in Europe” (EU-SEC II) builds upon the EU-SEC project. Making full use of the capabilities and experience of its Consortium Partners - governmental authorities from EU MS - and avoiding overlapping with ongoing activities, EU-SEC II aims to respond to the dispersion of efforts and lack of coherence that hinder firstly the interaction between European technology research stakeholders and secondly the coordination between national and European efforts to achieve cost effective security solutions. The main goal is to contribute to the harmonization of national research policies and to the common understanding and identification of needs and priorities among its partners, which constitute the demand side of the EU technology market. EU-SEC II will carry out networking activity and set up and implement joint activities to identify common research policies in the field of security at Major Events, by addressing how end-users and suppliers could more effectively cooperate, how to encourage and direct security innovation and how to define new security standards. A further objective is to elaborate a strategic security research roadmap to guide and orientate European and national research programmes and the consequent allocation of funds. The main result of EU-SEC II will be the synchronization of end-users into a coordinated platform of EU MS to affect the other stakeholders involved in the provision of security at Major Events and to drive the European market to be more ‘requirement pulled’ than ‘technology pushed’. Moreover, the Consortium of EU-SEC II will be in the position to elaborate common security research policies and to commit its partners in future activities and calls launched at national and EU levels. Finally, the results achieved by EU-SEC II will be gathered into a comprehensive Manual of best practice on coordination of national research policies."

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  • Security and Defence

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