Coordinating national research programmes on security during major events in Europe

Basic Information


The main objective of the Proposal "Coordinating National Research Programmes on security during Major Events in Europe" is to support the efforts in place within the European Union concerning security during Major Events (including those aimed at reducing the risk of terrorist attacks during these events; for further information see par. 2). The objective will be achieved by carrying out a networking activity among national research programmes in the field and laying the bases for further joint transnational coordinated research. In particular, the proposal, based on a step by step approach, envisages four main phases including systematic exchange of information and best practices, strategic activities, joint activities and transnational research activities. The Programme intends to make full use of the capabilities and experience of Programme Partners and avoid overlapping with ongoing activities. In particular, the Programme aims at supporting and coordinating national research activities related to and facilitating the implementation of the provisions contained in relevant EU tools, including principles set out in handbooks on the topic of security during Major Events. Main conclusion of the EU-SEC activities should be the launch of a joint transnational call targeted to fill possible research gaps/needs as well as the elaboration of a comprehensive Manual on the results of EU-SEC. The joint transnational call, in particular, will be a substantive contribution to an effective and efficient configuration of a European Research Area through the concrete implementation of common research policies in the field of security during Major Events and a common coordination methodology elaborated during the four years of the programme.

Research fields covered by the network

  • Security and Defence

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