Project: The Chilean-Peruvianarid coastal fog ecosystems under climate change: understanding BiosphereAtmosphereinter-actions to support biodiversity conservation

Acronym FEBiD (Reference Number: ELAC2015/T01-0872)
Duration 01/01/2017 - 01/01/2020
Project Topic The (hyper) arid coastal zone of northern Chile and southern Peru is home to unique ecosystems, so called fog oases, which depend on coastal fog as main source of water. With up to 450 plant species they constitute hot spots of biodiversity and important conservation areas. Due to their particular sensitivity to environmental changes they are bioindicators of changing climate conditions but at the same time also highly vulnerable to humaninduced disturbance. In fact, in the recent decades the Chilean-Peruvian fog ecosystems have shown increasing signs of decline, which might be linked to abrupt mesoscale climate shifts since the mid1970s.
Network ERANet-LAC
Call 2nd Joint Call on Research and Innovation

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Heidelberg University Partner Germany
2 Heidelberg University of Education Coordinator Germany
3 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Partner Chile
4 Universidad de La Laguna Partner Spain
5 Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa Partner Peru