Project: Qualified Open Systems Pharmacology Modeling Network of Drug-Drug-Gene- Interactions

Acronym INSPIRATION (Reference Number: ID56)
Duration 01/10/2020 - 30/09/2023
Project Topic Drug-drug (DDI) and drug-gene interactions (DGI) result in decreased efficacy, increased risk for adverse drug reactions and increased healthcare costs. In current clinical practice, DDI and DGI are considered separate entities. However, they are highly interconnected and ignoring drug-drug-gene interactions (DDGI) can be hazardous to the patient. DDGI are barely investigated in clinical trials due to the complexity and high costs of such studies. Today, a significant knowledge gap exists to assess complex multifactorial DDGI scenarios in real life patients and to provide scientifically based guidelines to manage DDGIs. The ultimate aim of INSPIRATION is to improve the outcomes of drug therapy by establishing clinically applicable DDGI models that can be used to guide drug treatment. The backbone of the project will be whole-body physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling. PBPK models of relevant perpetrator and victim drugs will be developed using literature and existing pharmacokinetic and outcome data collected at Leiden University. All models will be qualified and will be made publicly available, together with a newly established DDGI database. To provide easy access to complex DDGI models to clinicians, a web-based clinical decision support system will be developed, which will allow the upfront assessment of the DDGI potential for an individual patient the generation of alternative dosing recommendations. The clinical decision support system will be evaluated by clinicians and tested in clinical practice. Afterwards, an adapted tool will be provided to patients to empower them about DDGI. INSPIRATION will be conducted by highly experienced partners from clinics, academia, and pharmaceutical industry. INSPIRATION will establish a new level of qualified DDGI network models, which will be unique and publicly available with benefits for patients, clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry resulting in reduced costs for our health care system.
Network ERACoSysMed
Call 3rd Joint Transnational Call for European Research Projects on Systems Medicine

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Saarland University Coordinator Germany
2 Bayer AG Partner Germany
3 Sanofi Partner France
4 Leiden University Medical Center Partner Netherlands