Project: Enhancing the value of climate data – translating risk and uncertainty utilizing a Living Labs approach

Acronym EVOKED
Duration 15/09/2017 - 14/09/2020
Project Topic EVOKED places the user's knowledge needs at the forefront as the driver for further specification of climate data, enhancing the value of climate data and subsequently improving the interface between the climate science community and policy makers with regard to adaptation measures to address the impacts of climate change. The objective of EVOKED is to re-frame the risk and uncertainty associated with climate data into knowledge products more understandable and useful for end-users concerned with risk mitigation. This enhances the value of the data the scientific community produces for end-users and for decisions related to adaptation planning. We engage end-users in a Living Labs approach and encourage them to evoke their perceptions of risk and uncertainty, and identify which kind of data or presentation evokes action towards climate adaptation. In the context of a Living Lab, we will initiate a feedback loop, which includes: (i) a co-design process between users, climate knowledge providers and translators; ii) the co-development of products such as visualization tools and climate- and socio-economic change scenarios; iii) field trials to co-validate the operational products and their potential to initiate climate adaption measures; and subsequently iv) the re-assessment of risk and uncertainty to evaluate the user experience. The project team will implement Living Labs in Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands at established case study sites. EVOKED will focus on the vulnerable sectors of water management, disaster risk reduction and coastal management. Utilizing the Living Labs approach ensures the involvement of users as co-creators and serves as a mechanism for innovation in the context of climate services. EVOKED will contribute to the growth of the European climate services market and ultimately improve climate prediction capacity, the decision making processes and the implementation of climate adaptation measures.
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Network ERA4CS
Call ERA4CS Joint Call on Researching and Advancing Climate Services Development

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Coordinator Norway
2 Larvik Municipality Observer Norway
3 Christian-Albrechts University Kiel Partner Germany
4 City of Flensburg Observer Germany
5 Deltares Partner Netherlands
6 Provincie Noord-Brabant Observer Netherlands
7 Swedish Geotechnical Institute Partner Sweden
8 Värmland County Administrative Board Observer Sweden