Project: Identification of molecular markers for the detection of bio-regulators that enhance plant productivity and quality

The objective of this project is to exploit the potential of biologically active chemicals (bioregulators) that positively influence plant growth and productivity by identifying transcripts, proteins and metabolites that are up- or down-regulated when the chemicals are applied under stress and non-stress conditions. So far stress models were successfully established for Arabidopsis (cold, salt and drought) and Rice (salt and drought). (1) Stress assays in the presence of bioregulators were initiated and several promising results obtained already. (2) To identify the responsible gene products we started with transcriptome, proteome and metabolome profiling of these plants. (3) The identified marker genes will be used to establish a cell-based high-throughput assay. (4) The corresponding promoters driving the marker genes will be fused to a fluorescent protein and plant expression cassettes will be introduced into Arabidopsis suspension cells. (5) The transformation procedure with pDsRed and its detection could be established already. (6) This cell-based fluorescence assay will be used to screen for novel or superior compounds that induce the same pathway responsible for enhanced crop yield and quality. (7) Furthermore, an important aspect of the project is the performance of bioregulators on yield and quality of crops in the field under abiotic stress conditions. Addressing this point, salt stress models for tomato and lettuce were established and the establishment of drought stress trials in plastic tunnels as well as wheat and corn field trials is well advanced.

Acronym Bioregulators
Duration 01/08/2007 - 01/08/2010
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Network ERA-PG
Call Structuring Plant Genomic Research in Europe - ERA-PG First Call for Proposals (2006)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research - Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology Germany
University of Lleida Spain
Bayer AG - Crop Science Division Coordinator Germany
Technical University of Valencia Spain
BioTek Agriculture France
French National Institute for Agricultural Research France
ARVALIS - The French arable crops R&D Institute France