Project: Personalized Optimization of Prognostic and thErapeutic protocols with Lu-177 for MNETs, with the development of advanced computational tools and a portable detection sYstEm

Acronym POPEYE (Reference Number: ERAPERMED2019-055)
Duration 01/04/2020 - 31/03/2023
Project Topic POPEYE project uses advanced computational tools for the optimization of midgut neuroendocrine tumors (MNETs) treatment, towards the personalization of 177Lu therapeutic protocols. MNETs constitute the largest group of gastrointestinal NETs and they are the second most-common small bowel malignancy. Establishing prognosis and guiding patients about the most appropriate course of therapy are both challenging. An interdisciplinary approach exploits established tools and novel developments to increase the early, effective diagnosis and the efficacy of 177Lu radionuclide therapy. POPEYE aims to address state-of-the-art challenges by: i. using pre-treatment datasets for improving patients’ selectivity based on radiomics extraction ii. developing image processing algorithms using Machine Learning (ML) techniques for improving accuracy in diagnostic data iii. optimizing the treatment plans of each individual patient, exploiting Monte Carlo (MC) simulations for accurate dosimetry assessment iv. developing a novel portable gamma camera, allowing bedside whole-body patient imaging v. evaluating the developed open-software tools in clinical environment vi. applying socio-economic research to optimize the impact of the project results in European health care system. Clinical data derived from diagnostic (68Ga) and therapy (177Lu) procedures are used to optimize the quantification on SPECT/PET acquisitions and to accurately extract tumor radiomics. MC simulations incorporating ML techniques serve as gold standard and allows to estimate dosimetry on personalized treatment protocols. A well-established management & dissemination plan in combination with an extensive research on economic, ethical, legal and social aspects will allow to achieve POPEYE’s final goal; the clinical evaluation and exploitation of the proposed software & hardware tools, as a support guidance to the clinicians, to assess personalized MNETS diagnosis and therapy protocols.
Network ERA PerMed
Call 2nd Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (2019)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 University of Patras Coordinator Greece
2 Bioemission Technology Solutions IKE Partner Greece
3 CNRS Partner France
4 INSERM Partner France
5 Institute for Advanced Studies Partner Austria