Project: TREAT-Essential: Personalized decision support system for antimicrobial stewardship

Acronym TREAT-Essential (Reference Number: ERAPERMED2018-232)
Duration 01/03/2019 - 28/02/2022
Project Topic Bacterial resistance to antimicrobials is recognised by the WHO as a major health threat of the 21st century and as the third largest threat to humanity. Antibiotic Stewardship (AS) promotes rational use of antibiotics as a way to control the spread of antibiotic resistance.Our aim is to build on the success of the previous version of TREAT in clinical trials, by targeting applicability at point-of-care. We will develop, integrate, test and implement an optimized version of the decision support system (DSS) TREAT for AS, to improve individualized infectious disease diagnosis, rational antibiotic treatment and management of ongoing therapy. The project will be divided into three phases: Construction of an improved and easy-to-use decision support system; Integration and implementation; and testing. The project will draw on the knowledge and experience of the consortium in the medical and IT-technical domains. In the first phase, a patient-specific physiological model of infection will be constructed, along with a decision theoretic model incorporating physiological model outputs to perform a cost-benefit analysis of possible therapies. In the second phase, the system will be integrated with various hospital information systems, to facilitate ease of use. A calibration method will be defined and executed, distinguishing between universal features that can be assumed constant between clinics and local features that must be calibrated for each locale. A user-interface will also be developed so the system that can be operated within 30-60 seconds. In the third phase, the system will be tested to show that it improves and personalizes the choice of antimicrobial therapy. The outcome of this project involving partners in Denmark, Sweden and Israel is a fully integrated DSS ready for implementation in other centres allowing for a personalized medicine approach, lowering the percentage of prescribed antimicrobials, while prescribing appropriate therapy to those who need it.
Network ERA PerMed
Call 1st Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (2018)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Treat Systems Aps Coordinator Denmark
2 Rambam Health Care Campus Partner Israel
3 Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Hospital Partner Israel
4 Karolinska Institute, Sweden Partner Sweden
5 Umeå University / Västerbotten Healthcare Region, Sweden Partner Sweden