Project: Transnational CLOUD for Interconnection of Demonstration Facilities for Smart GRID Lab Research amp; Development

This project addresses the common European challenge of integration of RES into the grid, as well as assessing the new market architectures and the role of the consumer from the perspective of i) Grid System Stability, ii) Ancillary Services and Energy Management System, and iii) Converter interoperability. The Smart Grid lab facilities of the consortium partner will be interconnected through a Transnational Smart Grid Cloud to facilitate validation of concepts through results from testing in different environment and on various equipment. The transnational cloud will lead to stronger promotion of demonstration and piloting in the field of smart grids, as well as an increased knowledge sharing between members. Further on, all work packages in the project will be utilize inter-lab validation, leading to an increased focus on integration, scale-up as well as providing a foundation for replication of test-results in different settings.

Acronym CloudGrid (Reference Number: 77547)
Duration 01/03/2016 - 31/03/2019
Project Topic Smart Grid Cloud, Ancillary Services, Grid Stability, Converter Interoperability, Energy Management
Network ERANet SmartGridPlus
Call ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus - Joint Call for Proposals

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 STRI AB Coordinator Sweden
2 Chalmers University Partner Sweden
3 Zurich University of Applied Sciences Partner Switzerland
6 Norwegian University of Science and Technology Partner Norway
7 Institute of Physical Energetics Partner Latvia