Project: Smart Integrated Active Networks

Two mature Active Network Management (ANM) solutions have been brought to market and successfully deployed in Germany and the UK: iNES a LV network management solution for renewable energy integration researched by U.Wuppertal, first demonstrated in the Mainova distribution network, commercial product created by SAG, and rolled out into several German distribution networks; ANM 100 an HV network management solution researched at U.Strathclyde, demonstrated in Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distributions network, commercial product developed by Smarter Grid Solutions, and rolled out into several UK distribution networks. This project seeks to integrate these two solutions in a trial demonstration to achieve the following: bring forward whole system (LV to HV) ANM to enable greater renewables integration based on existing smart grid products; enable cross-learning from the iNES and ANM 100 products to provide more efficient development of the distribution network in Europe

Acronym SmartIAN (Reference Number: 78392)
Project Topic active network management; renewables integration; real time control; European smart distribution networks
Network ERANet SmartGridPlus
Call ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus - Joint Call for Proposals

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Smart Grid Solutions Ltd Coordinator United Kingdom
2 SAG GmbH CeGIT Partner Germany
3 Wuppertal University Partner Germany