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Microgrid Positioning

The growing share of intermittent and partly predictable renewable energy sources (RES) requires a more flexible operation of the power system. Flexibility is a key to maximize the utilization of RES, while minimizing the negative impact of their associated variability and uncertainty. An effective way of increasing system flexibility is the integration of price-responsive microgrids. This project aims to tackle the first challenge of this call by developing a full-scale microgrid that consists of distributed generators, both renewable and controllable, storage units and flexible loads at FER-UNIZG. The project aims to identify and overcome barriers to the widespread adoption of the grid-connected microgrid technology targeting communities, industry and society in general. We will create solutions for microgrids electricity market participants. These solutions will leverage smart resources, i.e. the communications and ICT infrastructure.

Acronym (Reference Number) uGRIP (77731)
Duration 04/01/2016 - 31/03/2019
Project Topic microgrid, storage, electricity market, smart grid, optimal control, SCADA

Project partner

Number Short Name Name Role Country
1 FER-UNIZG Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Zagreb Coordinator Croatia
2 DTU Technical University of Denmark Partner Denmark
3 OFFIS Institute for Information Technology Partner Germany
4 KONCAR KONCAR-Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KONCAR-KET) Partner Croatia