ERA-NET ROAD - Coordination and Implementation of Road Research in Europe

Basic Information


ERA-NET ROAD - Coordination and Implementation of Road Research in Europe will be a three year programme that will focus on initiation and coordination of research relating to the management and operation of the strategic road network. Its objective is, b y March 2008, to have achieved trans-national programmes which are strategically planned, nationally funded and have led to the opening of national research programmes. ERA-NET ROAD is a commitment by 11 National Road Administrations, who between them ma nage extensive research programmes with a combined annual budget of 156M euros, to work in partnership to develop joint research programmes financed through joint funds. It will also assist those National Road Administrations without research programmes to develop them and implement research in a manner that provides European integration. It will bring about a joint vision, programme, targets, funds, calls and will deliver results in a strict timeframe. ERA-NET ROAD is based on the principle that for netwo rking of research activities to be developed, two key processes are required: a management structure within which trans-national joint research activities can occur; and the identification and coordination of appropriate research opportunities and the deve lopment of trans-national joint research activities that will provide added value, followed by the implementation of joint programmes and calls. ERA-NET ROAD is organised into seven Work Packages. The first Work Package relates to the development of the m anagement structure, whilst the remaining six Work Packages relate to coordination of research activities and dissemination of the results. It is anticipated that this will cost 2,513,748 euros and an EC grant for this sum is requested.

Research fields covered by the network

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Materials
  • Transport

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
ERA-NET ROAD-2009-01 other 06/03/2009   27/04/2009 15/06/2009

Funded: 5