Project: Seismic and electromagnetic methods for deep mineral exploration

Acronym SEEMS DEEP (Reference Number: JTC-2021_090)
Project Topic SEEMS DEEP (Seismic and Electromagnetic Methods for Deep mineral exploration) is addressing the challenge of high costs of mineral exploration as well as poor success rates in discovering new deep-seated ore deposits through development of a novel workflow integrating seismic and various electromagnetic (EM) methods. Field data acquisition is planned jointly, and data processing will follow the SEEMS DEEP workflow where EM data is utilized in velocity model building for seismic reflection data while seismic data is used to constrain EM inversion. The test area of SEEMS DEEP is the Koillismaa Layered Igneous Complex in Finland that has potential to host several minerals included in the EU critical raw material list, especially battery related. SEEMS DEEP will develop geomodelling methods for battery mineral exploration and will benefit from petrophysical measurements from a 1.7 km deep drill hole. SEEMS DEEP analysis produces high confidence earth models that add more value to the exploration project than several drill holes that might miss the exploration target and provide only point like data. SEEMS DEEP will acquire seismic reflection profiles to achieve large scale information about the geological architecture of the study area, while 3D seismic and EM surveys provide more detailed information about the target. The Koillismaa deep drill hole provides geological information that will be used as a boundary condition for the EM and seismic data inversion and enables establishing empirical relations between conductivity and seismic velocity. Feedback from these surveys will help to define best practices to industry. Key innovations expected from the SEEMS DEEP project are related to optimized survey design, developments in data acquisition and improved imaging. SEEMS DEEP addresses Europe’s goal for raw materials self-sufficiency by increasing the possibilities of successful discovery of new mineral deposits at greater burial depths with lower environmental impact.
Network ERA-MIN3
Call ERA-MIN3 Joint Call 2021

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Geological Survey of Finland Coordinator Finland
2 Uppsala University Partner Sweden
3 Bureau des Recherches Géologiques et Minières Partner France
4 Polish Academy of Sciences Partner Poland
5 Geopartner Geofizyka sp. z o.o. Partner Poland
6 GRM-Services Partner Finland
7 IRIS Instruments Partner France
8 Laakso Minerals Oy Partner Finland