Project: Evolved magmatic and pegmatitic systems as sources of critical raw materials and industrial minerals

Acronym PEGMAT (Reference Number: JTC-2021_174)
Project Topic Rare metal granites (RMG) and pegmatites typically show a strong enrichment in various metals and critical raw materials (CRM; e.g. Li, Ta, Nb, Sn, W, Be, Cs and REEs) and industrial minerals that are of great interest for Europe. Variscan orogeny in Europe produced multiple districts of RMG, related greisens and pegmatites; in the Carpathian-Balkan area, it is illustrated by I- to S- type granites and rare-element pegmatites with uncertain origin. Also, some Permian granites show promising rare-metal potential. The area potential for CRM is still weakly explored. The PEGMAT project aims to: (i) identify the pegmatites and RMG in the studied area and assess their geological features; (ii) understand processes and structural constraints leading to their formation; (iii) assess raw material content evolution in time and understand their distribution; (iv) characterize internal processes of their formation; (v) determine areas with high potential for exploration. The work planned includes (i) review of available data; (ii) field work, detailed mapping and sampling; (iii) characterization and age dating of the main bodies, including bulk and mineral composition; (v) advanced 3D modelling; (vi) assessment of metallogenic processes; (vii) evaluation of usability of minerals at selected localities. All research institution partners will be involved in all tasks of the project; industrial partners will be involved especially in the applied usability study and field work. Expected project outcomes and benefits include enhanced knowledge on deposits of CRM, new knowledge on deposit-forming processes, new regional data available for both research and industry, transfer of knowledge and experience; enhanced international cooperation. The project results will primarily serve as a base for evaluation of pegmatite and RMG potential as sources for critical metals according to the National and European Strategies for sustainable development
Network ERA-MIN3
Call ERA-MIN3 Joint Call 2021

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Masaryk University Coordinator Czech Republic
2 Brgm Partner France
3 Geological Institute of Romania Partner Romania
4 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Partner Bulgaria
5 G E T s.r.o. Partner Czech Republic
6 Slovak Academy of Sciences Partner Slovakia
7 K M K GRANIT a.s. Partner Czech Republic