Project: Circular product design for automotive components made from recycled and sustainable composite material

Acronym Cider (Reference Number: JTC-2021_262)
Project Topic A major milestone to achieve a circular economy is to include the product’s end-of-life option into the product design. Therefore, a well functioning recycling process as well as appropriable design for recycling principles must be in place. The project Circular product Design for automotive components made from Recycled and sustainable composite material (CIDER) aims to substitute heavy steel designed automotive parts and for a higher acceptance of recycled carbon composites. This involves new approaches into the design of a semistructural automotive parts and additionally improve the recycling process as well as the Life cycle assessment of automotive parts. Hence two topics of the ERA-MIN3 call will be addressed. On the one side, CIDER will create a circular design (Topic 2.3) for semi-structural automotive parts promoting and determining the recycling process for the produced part at design stage. This will be done by the use of a 100% recyclable composite, saving CO2 in the life cycle, as well as providing a superior recycling strategy compared to conventional steel, aluminium, CFRP or GFRP approaches. The second topic is addressing the recovery of all material used for the composite parts (Topic 4.4). The recycling of all materials as well their circularity will be demonstrated to showcase that a 100% circular economy for composite structures within the automotive and transportation industry is feasible
Network ERA-MIN3
Call ERA-MIN3 Joint Call 2021

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Fraunhofer IGCV Coordinator Germany
2 Arkema Partner France
4 Forward Engineering Partner Germany
5 IRT M2P Partner France
6 Autefa Solutions Germany GmbH Partner Germany
7 Rexhi GmbH Partner Germany
8 Plastic Omnium New Energies Partner France
9 Tallinn University of Technology Partner Estonia