Project: Highly sensitive receiver for measuring transient electromagnetic responses in Exploration for deep buried mineral occurrences

Acronym HITEM
Project Topic The proposed collaborative research project ‘HITEM’ addresses the first topic area of the third ERA-MIN joint call (2015) towards the non-energy raw material value chain: the development of a new tool for the electromagnetic (EM) exploration of primary resources. Amongst the variety of EM methods in geophysics, the time-domain method TEM is used to generate a 3D illustration of the sub-surface electrical conductance especially for geological structures which provide a continuous conducting layer. The task in this project is to develop a new extremely high sensitive receiver based on high transition temperature superconducting quantum interference devices (HTS SQUID). New sensor fabrication and packaging technologies, innovative readout electronics and control systems have to be developed by the partners for the demonstrator in order to assess the performance in different field tests. Within the tests in Finland, South Africa and Germany a database for the development of a suitable remote reference method for TEM will be gathered. All these tasks will provide ultimate sensitivity for low frequency signals and thus enable detection of conducting resources well below 500 m. Based on the data recorded in the tests at sites with known deep deposits, which especially contain an economic grade of platinum-group-elements material often found in sulfidic deposits, new or adapted inversion and interpretation algorithms for SQUID based receiver data have to be developed and their results compared with prior knowledge of the according structures. Thus, the utmost important goal of this industrial driven proposal with partners from Finland, South Africa and Germany is to contribute to the exploration of natural resources of critical raw materials with the focus to provide European companies in the field of exploration with internationally competitive geophysical instruments and methods.
Network ERA-MIN
Call The Third ERA-MIN Joint Call (2015)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Supracon AG Coordinator Germany
2 BroadBand Geophysical (Pty) Ltd Partner South Africa
3 Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology Partner Germany
4 Drillcon SMOY Partner Finland