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Implementation of Joint Bottom-up European Programmes in Chemistry


ERA-CHEMISTRY aims at establishing a European Research Area in basic and applied chemistry (including transdisciplinary research) without national, formal and research subject boundaries by - Setting up a common information system on reviewing and funding of chemical research (including neighbouring disciplines) in all European countries - Providing jointly agreed processing and evaluation schemes for transnational proposals - Setting up electronic infrastructure facilities for transnational communication and for submitting and reviewing transnational proposals - Ascertaining innovative research fields particularly suitable for transnational research efforts Encouraging chemists across Europe to combine their complementary expertises in joint transnational projects - Incorporating research councils from new EU countries into the network by elaborating application and funding concepts with variable velocities of integration - Adjusting suitable ERA-Chemistry activities with those of neighbouring ERA-NETs - Developing and implementing sustainable joint European research programmes in chemistry in all degrees of complexity, including joint management - Increasing the competitiveness of chemical researchers in Europe by developing and implementing a truly integrated European research conference scheme - Launching transnational thematic calls with fixed budgets and deadlines - Launching transnational open calls in all fields of chemical research - Providing a framework for jointly agreed earmarked/common financing of chemistry-based transnational research projects.

Research fields covered by the network

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Materials

Network Details

(Data received by the network)

Research Type

  • Basic research
  • Applied Research
Last updated: 18/05/2017
Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
Open Initiative one-stage   30/05/2008
Submitted: 97
Submitted: 41
Successful:     Funded: 10
Chemical Activation of CO2 and CH two-stages   01/06/2007
Submitted: 36
Submitted: 22
Successful:     Funded: 13
Hierarchically Organised Chemical Structures: From Molecules to Hybrid Materials two-stages    
Submitted: 82
Submitted: 35
Successful:     Funded: 9