3rd ERA-CAPS Call - Europe-USA Call strengthening transnational research in the Molecular Plant Sciences

Basic Information

Network ERA-CAPS (self-sustained)
Website https://www.eracaps.org/era-caps-calls/era-caps-third-call
Aim of the joint call The objective of this call is to stimulate true collaboration between research teams of different countries in order to achieve the highest quality projects, to increase synergies between national programmes and to strengthen international research in molecular plant sciences. The funding partners agree that this unifying approach is a fundamental prerequisite to maximise the utility of the limited resources available and to meet the European and global demand for molecular plant science innovation with a long-term perspective.
Type of joint call Two Stages - Call with pre-proposals and full proposals submissions
Launch date 23/06/2016
Deadline Pre-Proposal 28/09/2016 Submitted proposal: n/a
Deadline Full-Proposal 31/03/2017 Submitted proposal: n/a
Evaluation End Date 31/08/2017 Successful proposal: n/a Proposals funded: 12
Is call co-funded? No
Call follow up funding n/a
Call reasons n/a
Research fields
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Food, agriculture and fisheries
Type of research
  • Basic research
  • Applied Research
Target groups n/a
Participating networks n/a