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This application aims to extend the existing ERA-AGE by the addition of three new partners (the only three ageing programmes not partners in ERA-AGE). ERA-AGE began on 1 March 2004 and has successfully completed all planned activities in its first six months: among others a 'liaison-group' has been established in which the national coordinators of ageing research, financed by ERA-AGE, interact to share their knowledge and propose best practice models. So far Germany, Italy and Israel cannot contribute to this group since they do not have such positions. This application aims to financially support those positions and to add these three ageing countries together with their ageing programmes to ERA-AGE. This will greatly enhance its capacity to realise the foundations of an ERA in the field of population ageing research and, thereby, to enable Europe to gain maximum added value from the substantial material investments in this field, The three new members will add real value to ERA-AGE, particularly with regard to public health related ageing research, the management of research in a Federal structure, facilitating dialogues between science and society, adding wider European cultural representation and creating links with other ERA-NET's.

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