Project: Space-Energy patterns for smart energy infrastructures, community reciprocities & related governance

SPACERGY builds upon the rising importance of integration of ‘prosumers’, Distributed Energy Generation and their reciprocities with, and in urban environments. The research focuses on the role of optimized spatial morphologies, infrastructural properties and geometries as well as local community involvement (inclusiveness) regarding smart integrated production, (temporary) storage and exchange of (renewable) energy. The research will develop smart tools necessary to advance the development of innovative spatial-energy-community strategies, and supporting governance. First of all by identifying design and management/control parameters that support the integration of decentralized systems and modified system layout (energy network design and geometry), including the existing urban fabric. Secondly, by developing development (transition-) ‘patterns’, spatial morphologies and supporting strategic governance models enabling and encouraging the transition towards inclusive, intelligent, integrated (triple ‘i') or so-called “illuminated” cities and communities. Through a comparative research in different case studies the new tools and models will be tested in urban areas under development that act as living laboratories for real-time action research in collaboration with different stakeholders. Finally a SPACERGY management and organization model will be produced, able to achieve an inclusive, shared vision for ‘Energy Sensitive Cities’, that increases knowledge and supports beneficial interactions, and thus helps achieving a more efficient, resilient, just and prosperous society.

Acronym SPACERGY (Reference Number: 5652511)
Project Topic Topic 2. Smart tools and services for integrated urban energy and transport systems
Network ENSCC
Call ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) - Joint Call for Proposals

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
5652511 Technische Universiteit Delft - Architecture & the Built Environment Coordinator Netherlands
5653174 ETH Zurich - Institute of Technology in Architecture Partner Switzerland
5653235 Bergen University College Partner Norway
6158204 ETH Zurich - Institute for Transport Planning and Systems Partner Switzerland